2006 Past Chapter Events

Central Ohio Chapter
Podcasting for All Who Wonder
April 20, 2006

Annual Luncheon with
Guest Speaker, Pat Losink
June 12, 2006, Dublin, OH

Sullivant Learning Commons at the Ohio State University
August 23, 2006, Columbus, OH

Digital Storytelling
October 17, 2006, Columbus, OH

Usability Assessment of Web Sites
December 6, 2006, Columbus, OH

European Chapter
LIDA 2006
24 May - 4 June, 2006, Dubrovnik / Mljet

3rd Prato International Community Informatics Conference 
9-11 November, 2006. Prato, Italy

Indiana Chapter
Hot Research, Hot Tapas!
April 11, 2006

Websites Th@ Work:  User-Centered Design
November 17, 2006, Columbus, IN

Los Angeles Chapter
Contribution to Information Science and Technology Award Program
February 16, 2006

Summer Professional Development Dinner Program and Annual Business Meeting
July 18, 2006

Working with Wikis
November 16, 2006, Pasadena, CA

Holiday Party Featuring 
"An Evening with NBC4 Anchor and Reporter, Beverly White"

December 14, 2006, Los Angeles, CA

Michigan Chapter
Quality or Quackery?  Medical Information on the Web
October 25, 2006, Ann Arbor, MI

Minnesota Chapter
Colleen Rowley, Candidate for U.S. Congress
FBI's Freedom of Information and civil liberties issues pertaining to libraries.
January 10, 2006, St. Paul, MN

Nobody Asked Me - Who IS Crafting our Information Future?
May 18, 2006, Minneapolis, MN

New England Chapter
Awards Dinner with Peter Morville
May 11, 2006, Cambridge, MA

The Dawn of Embedded Library: Integrating Library Services into People's Trusted Networks
October 3, 2006, Medford, MA

New Jersey
User Experience Research Challenges in Interactive Webcasting
April 5, 2006

Exploring the Information Underworld, by Dr. Elisabeth Davenport
November 2, 2006, New Brunswick, NJ

Northern Ohio
Google Nation - View Photos
March 23, 2006

Information Visualization and Information Seeking
April 20, 2006

NORASIST Annual Meeting
October 24, 2007, Cleveland, OH

Pacific Northwest
Communication, Knowledge and the Web: The Evolving Information Landscape
May 6, 2006, Seattle, WA

Potomac Valley
Federated Search of Today and Tomorrow...what's current, what's coming
September 27, 2006

International Paper Contest at the Kenya Embassy
October 6, 2006, Washington, DC

Ready, Set, Go!  Quick but Complete Disaster Planning
November 14, 2006, Washington, DC

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