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Current Volume
Volume 66 Issue 4 (April 2015)


Big data and its epistemology (pages 651–661)
Martin Frick้

Information seeking, use, and decision making (pages 662–673)
Jyoti Mishra, David Allen and Alan Pearman

Effect of web page menu orientation on retrieving information by people with learning disabilities (pages 674–683)
Peter Williams and Christian Hennig

Internet information triangulation: Design theory and prototype evaluation (pages 684–701)
Fons Wijnhoven and Michel Brinkhuis

How are icons processed by the brain? Neuroimaging measures of four types of visual stimuli used in information systems (pages 702–720)
Sheng-Cheng Huang, Randolph G. Bias and David Schnyer

Generating descriptive multi-document summaries of geo-located entities using entity type models (pages 721–738)
Ahmet Aker and Robert Gaizauskas

Factors affecting citation rates of research articles (pages 739–764)
Natsuo Onodera and Fuyuki Yoshikane

A patento-scientometric approach to venture capital investment prioritization (pages 765–777)
Gustavo da Silva Motta, Pauli Adriano de Almada Garcia and Rog้rio Hermida Quintella

A study of research collaboration in the pre-web and post-web stages: A coauthorship analysis of the information systems discipline (pages 778–797)
Mu-Hsuan Huang, Ling-Ling Wu and Yi-Chen Wu

A complete assessment of tagging quality: A consolidated methodology (pages 798–817)
Yunseon Choi

Harnessing collective IT resources for sustainability: Insights from the green leadership strategy of China mobile (pages 818–838)
Barney Tan, Shan L. Pan and Meiyun Zuo

How are people enticed to disclose personal information despite privacy concerns in social network sites? The calculus between benefit and cost (pages 839–857)
Jinyoung Min and Byoungsoo Kim

Correlations between user voting data, budget, and box office for films in the internet movie database (pages 858–868)
Max Wasserman, Satyam Mukherjee, Konner Scott, Xiao Han T. Zeng, Filippo Radicchi and Luํs A. N. Amaral


Conflicts in the Knowledge Society: The Contentious Politics of Intellectual Property – By Sebastian Haunss (pages 869–871)
Eden Medina


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