Chapter Event of the Year Award

Established in 1991 to recognize the best event held by a Chapter (or jointly by two or more Chapters) during the previous year

Past recipients of the Chapter Event of the Year Award:

2011 Potomac Valley, "An Evening with National Public Radio"
Europe, "ASIS&T European Workshop 2011"
2010 Carolinas/UNC, "Information Design Workshop"
Los Angeles, "Collaborative Tools: Best Practices and New Trends"
2009 Carolinas, "Introduction to Content Management Systems Workshop"
New England, "Mobile Mania"
2008 Potomac Valley Chapter, "Working Together, Working Differently: How Millennials are Changing the Way other Generations Learn, Interact & Do Commerce"
Los Angeles Chapter, "Tag You're It: A Dialog Between Social Tagging and Traditional Classification"
2007 Los Angeles Chapter, "Working with Wiki's"
2006 New England
"Buy, Hack, or Build: Optimizing Your Systems for Your Users and Your Sanity" and "Social Software, Libraries, and the Communities"
2005 New England, Indiana & Michigan
Chapter Meetings
2004 Los Angeles & Potomac Valley
Chapter Meetings
2003 New England
"Its Not Just Google Anymore"
2002 Los Angeles
"California's Gold - Nuggets on Managing, Accessing, Sharing & Developing Digital Resources"
2001 New England
"A Walk on the Wireless Side"
1999 Minnesota
"User Interfaces and Approaches to Managing Information"
1997 Los Angeles
"Pictures Talk: Interactive Multimedia on the Web"
1996 New England
"Evaluating the Quality of Information on the Web"
1995 Southern Ohio
"Becoming a Node and Authoring Hypertext on the Internet"
1994 Los Angeles
"The Information Technology Revolution""
1994 Southern Ohio
"The Internet"
1993 Los Angeles
"The Internet and More"
1991 Southern Ohio
"Networking Databases"