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SATURDAY, November 1

Knowledge Audits from A to Z (SIG/KM)

The one-day workshop focuses on helping participants diagnose opportunities for knowledge management interventions that support the operational work of an organization. Through the workshop, participants will learn how to make the case for knowledge audits being critical to 21st century knowledge organizations – as critical to talent management and intellectual capital development as financial audits are to financial assets. Participants will learn how to conduct a knowledge audit, develop knowledge maps and conduct other KM diagnostics on the operational needs and organizational culture, to reach recommendations on possible interventions. They will also be introduced to the body of literature on this topic, so that they can walk away with resources to grow their understanding after the workshop. This workshop demonstrates approaches and techniques for tactical knowledge management interventions.

This is not intended to be a knowledge management strategy development workshop.
The workshop is very hands on and interactive. This workshop is one of a kind. This updated proposal and design draws from a highly successful short course that was developed for graduate students at Kent State University. After completing this course, students have engaged in hands on successful projects at private sector organizations.

Goals and Objectives

  • To understand the different forms of organizational knowledge and their matching strategies

  • To prepare a knowledge classification structure and definitions of types of organizational knowledge

  • To identify knowledge audit stakeholders

  • To be able to plan and conduct a knowledge audit and to perform KM diagnostics pertaining to both operational needs and cultural factors

  • To be able to build and analyze activity-based knowledge maps

  • To experience the challenge of assign value to knowledge assets

  • To be able to develop recommendations for knowledge management interventions based on knowledge audits and diagnostic exercises

  • Assess value of knowledge assets – prioritizing knowledge management interventions

Presenters: Ms. Denise Bedford and Ms. Unnatti Mishra

Denise Bedford, Goodyear Professor of Knowledge Management, Kent State University, has 35 years of experience in the field of information and knowledge sciences. She currently teaches a range of graduate level courses in knowledge management at Kent State University and Georgetown University. Her research interests are intellectual capital management, knowledge typologies and knowledge economics. 

Unnatti Mishra leads Knowledge Management for Manufacturing, Agribusiness and Services Group at the International Finance Corporation, private sector arm of the World Bank Group. She is responsible for devising the knowledge strategy, building knowledge products aligned with the business strategy and and ensuring knowledge flows across all regions and headquarters encompassing 450 staff across the globe. Ms. Mishra is also responsible for KM Governance which entails Implementation of an overall Knowledge, Learning and Innovation Plan and identifying key areas where department has a potential to contribute to new knowledge products. Ms. Mishra has been at World Bank Group for 18 years. Prior to Knowledge Management she was in the Information technology field and is now in the process of blending knowledge sharing with the information technology tools supported by the Bank. She is pursuing her Masters in Information Architecture and Knowledge Management from Kent state University, Ohio scheduled to graduate in August 2015. Ms. Mishra also holds a Master’s degree in English Literature from the University of Delhi, India.


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