Detailed Conference Program
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 FRIDAY, October 31

Pre-conference seminars & workshops - registration and additional fees required.


The Discipline of Organizing in iSchools: Collaborative and Digitally Enhanced Teaching of a Core Subject


Trust & Information Policy in the Age of Data (Big or Small) (SIG/IFP & SIG/III)


User Experience Research to Improve Access to Your Collections

 SATURDAY, November 1

Pre-conference seminars & workshops -  registration and additional fees required.


10th Annual Social Informatics Research Symposium Connecting (Epistemic) Cultures and (Intellectual) Communities (SIG/SI)


25th Annual SIG/CR Workshop:  Universal Classification in the 21st Century (SIG/CR)


Knowledge Audits from A to Z (SIG/KM)


14th Annual SIG/USE Research Symposium:  Context in Information Behavior Research (SIG/USE)


2nd Annual SIG/KM Happy Hour:  Crimes Against Good Knowledge Management (SIG/KM)

 SATURDAY, November 1


Happy Hour:  Crimes Against Good Knowledge Management (Sponsored by SIG KM)

 SUNDAY, November 2

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SIG Cabinet Meeting


Chapter Assembly Meeting


New Members / First Conference Brunch


Keynote Address:  Kris Kutchera


History and Philosophy of Information

The Materiality of Encyclopedic Information: Remediating a Loved One – Mourning Britannica
Jutta Haider, Olof Sundin

Considerations on the Social Role of the Document According to Paul Otlet
Amanda Pacini de Moura

Metadata and Infrastructure in Internet History: Sockets in the Arpanet Host-Host Protocol
Bradley Fidler, Amelia Acker

Moderator:  Lai Ma

Information Behavior I

Perceived Value of Information Sharing in Online Environments: User Engagement and Social Reputation
Dongho Choi, Chirag Shah

An Investigation of the Effects of Awareness and Task Orientation on Collaborative Search
Annie T. Chen, Rob Capra, Wan-ching Wu

File Synchronization and Sharing: User Practices and Challenges
Robert Capra, Emily Vardell, Kathy Brennan

Moderator:  Heather O'Brien


Social Informatics and Social Media:  Theoretical Reflections (SIG/SI)
Noriko Hara, Pnina Fichman, Howard Rosenbaum, Kenneth R. Fleischmann, Mohammad Hossein Jarrahi, Brian Butler

Research Data

Putting Research Data into Context:  Scholarly, Professional and Educational Approaches to Curating Data for Reuse
Ixchel M. Faniel, David Minor, Carole L. Palmer

Youth I

Youth Beyond Borders: Methodological Challenges in Youth Information Interaction
Amanda Waugh, Rachel Magee, Denise Agosto, June Ahn, Leanne Bowler, Mega Subramaniam


Leadership Development Program:  Different Paths to ASIS&T Leadership (free, but advance registration required)


Welcome Reception/SIG Rush


Student Design Competition Organizing Session


Student Reception


 MONDAY, November 3


Digital Collections

Scholar-built Collections: A Study of User Requirements for Research in Large-scale Digital Libraries
Katrina Fenlon, Megan Senseney, Harriett Green, Sayan Bhattacharyya, Craig Willis, J. S. Downie

High Performance Sound Technologies for Access and Scholarship (HiPSTAS) in the Digital Humanities
Tanya Clement, David Tcheng, Loretta Auvil, Tony Borries

Barriers and Challenges to Virtual Reunification
Ricardo Punzalan

Moderator:  Fidelia Ibekwe-SanJuan

Information Behavior II

Information Behavior of International Students Settling in an Unknown Geo-spatial Environment
Chi Young Oh, Brian Butler, Myeong Lee

Sometimes the Internet Reads the Question Wrong: Children’s Search Strategies & Difficulties
Nicholas Vanderschantz, Annika Hinze, Sally Jo Cunningham

Information Technology, Change and Information Professionals’ Identity Construction: A Discourse Analysis
Deborah Rachel Hicks

Moderator:  Chirag Shah

KOS & Data

Knowledge Organization Systems (KOS) as Linked Data Services
Marcia Lei Zeng, Joseph A Busch, Marjorie Hlava, Imma Subirats, Maja Žumer, Vivian Bliss


Digital Liaisons:  Building Communities and Empowering Culture Through Digital Libraries 

Michael Eisenberg, Karen Fisher, Holley Long


Searching as Learning:  Novel Measures for Information Interaction Research
Soo Young Rieh, Jacek Gwizdka, Luanne Freund, Kevyn Collins-Thompson


Keynote Address:  Alessandro Acquisti


Health Informatics

Cross-cultural Quality Comparison of Online Health Information for Elderly Care on Yahoo! Answers
Wendy Nga Man Wong, Hong Huang, Samuel Kai Wah Chu

Big Data and the Study of Dementia: Epistemological Promises and Pitfalls
Donald Grant Campbell

A Better Place? Factors in Community Assessment for Parents of Children with Down Syndrome
Amelia N. Gibson

Moderator:  Lisa Given

Information Retrieval

Multi-Aspect Information Use Task Performance: The Roles of Topic Knowledge, Task Structure, and Task Stage
Jingjing Liu, Nick Belkin

Online Search Stopping Behaviors: An Investigation of Query Abandonment and Task Stopping
Wan-Ching Wu, Diane Kelly

Dealing with the Long Tail: Providing Uniformity to Compound Tags
Sue Yeon Syn

Moderator:  Naresh Agarwal


Boundary Objects in Information Science Research:  An Approach for Explicating Connections Between Collections, Cultures and Communities 

Isto Huvila, Theresa Dirndorfer Anderson, Eva Hourihan Jansen, Pam McKenzie, Lynn Westbrook, Adam Worrall

Open Access

Open Access:  The Global Scene (SIG/III) 
Shimelis Assefa, Abebe Rorissa, Krystyna Matusiak, Daniel Alemneh, Kris Helge, Sam Hastings


Responding to Emerging Data Workforce Demand:  Harnessing Data Center Expertise
Carole L. Palmer, Cheryl Annette Thompson, Carol Tenopir, Suzie Allard, Matthew S. Mayernik, James Kreft


Knowledge Organization

When the Elevator Pitch Meets the Subject Heading: How Mixtures of Other Documents Can Describe What a Document is About
Peter Organisciak, Michael Twidale

Relationships Among Video Games: Existing Standards and New Definitions
Jin Ha Lee, Rachel Ivy Clarke, Simone Sacchi, Jacob Jett

Encoded Archival Description: Data Quality and Analysis
Luis Francisco-Revilla, Ciaran B. Trace, Haoyang Li, Sarah A. Buchanan

Moderator:  Karen Wickett

3D Tools

3D Technologies:  New Tools for Information Scientists to Engage, Educate and Empower Communities

Moriana M. Garcia, Kevin Messner, Richard J. Urban, Sam Tripodis, Megan E. Hancock, Tod Colegrove


Transforming the Data Landscape:  Connecting Data, Policies and Communities
Joan E. Beaudoin, Deborah H. Charbonneau, Suzie Allard, Carol Tenopir, Hsin-Liang Chen, Yin Zhang, Jian Qin, Lisa Zilinski


Filmmaker Showcase: Film as an Information Medium Connecting Cultures and Communities
Julia Hersberger, Brian O'Connor, Eric Meyers, Bryce Newell

Talk & Text

The Informing Nature of Talk and Text: Discourse Analysis as a Research Approach in Information Science
Lisa M. Given, Deborah Hicks, Theresa J. Schindel, Rebekah Willson


President's Reception Featuring Posters


International Reception

 TUESDAY, November 4


Information Behavior III

Influence of Need for Cognition and Need for Cognitive Closure on Three Information Behavior Orientations
Alexandre Fortier, Jacquelyn Burkell

Documenting Young Children’s Information Technology Use: Observations in the Home
Lisa M. Given, Denise Cantrell Winkler, Rebekah Willson, Christina Davidson, Susan Danby, Karen Thorpe

Intuitive or Idiomatic? An Information-cognitive Psychology Study of Child-tablet Computer Interaction
Rhonda N. McEwen, Adam K. Dubé

Moderator:  Denise Agosto

Information Ethics & Policy

Public Places, Private Lives: Balancing Privacy and Freedom of Expression in the United Kingdom
Bryce Clayton Newell

Human Rights Researchers’ Data Analysis and Management Practices
Lu Xiao, Isioma Elueze, Jillian R. kavanaugh

The Social Shaping of Cloud Computing: An Ethnography of Infrastructure in East St. Louis, Illinois
Colin Rhinesmith

Moderator:  Ken Fleishmann


Resistance and Possibility:  Rethinking the Concept of Subject Access from Queer Theoretical Perspectives

Donald Grant Campbell, Melissa Adler, Patrick Keilty


Libraries, Archives and Museums:  Connecting Educational Cultures and Communities
Richard J. Urban, Laura-Edythe Coleman, Paul F. Marty, Costis Dallas, Kris Morrissey, Wilson O'Donnell, Joe Tennis, Helen Tibbo, Michael B. Twidale


Nature of LIS

Pluri-, Multi-, Trans-, Meta- and Interdisciplinary Nature of LIS. Does it Really Matter?

Fidelia Ibekwe-SanJuan, Sachi Arafat, Michael Buckland, Melanie Feinberg, Ryan Shaw, Julian Warner


Information Behavior IV

For the Love of Information: Motivations and Affective Dynamics of Surfing the Web for Pleasure
Ziad Matni, Chirag Shah

What Porn Says to Information Studies: The Affective Value of Documents, and the Body in Information Retrieval
Patrick Keilty, Gregory Leazer

Exploring Social Context in Mobile Information Behavior
Rafa Absar, Heather L. O'Brien, Eric T. Webster

Moderator:  Luanne Freund

Knowledge Management

Evaluating Performance Measures for Competitive Intelligence
Rhiannon Gainor, France Bouthillier

Understanding the Types of Knowledge Representations that Meet Non Profit Organizations’ (NPOs) Knowledge Needs
Dinesh Rathi, Lisa M. Given, Eric Forcier

Examining Practice, Structural, and Interpretive Dimensions of Technology Assemblages: The Case of Social Technology Use by Knowledge Workers
Mohammad Hossein Jarrahi

Moderator:  Elisabeth Jones


Credibility Perceptions of Content Contributors and Consumers in Social Media
Soo Young Rieh, Meredith Ringel Morris, Miriam J. Metzger, Helena Francke, Grace YoungJoo Jeon



Informational and Media Failures and Potential Successes
John Budd, Lai Ma, Ronald E. Day, Siobhan Stevenson


Informetrics, Bibliometrics, Scientometrics, Altmetrics:  What Is It All About?

Isabella Peters, Judit Bar-Ilan

Student Design Competition


Annual Awards Luncheon


Critical & Community Informatics

Community-Centered Collecting: Finding Out What Communities Want from Community Archives
Michelle Caswell

The Influence of Community Demographics on New Public Library Facilities
Denice Christine Adkins, Kenneth Carter Haggerty, Thomas Michael Haggerty

Critical informatics: New methods and Practices
Miriam E. Sweeney, Andre Brock

Moderator:  Olof Sundin

Data Science

Ship Space to Database: Scientific and Social Motivations for a Database to Support Deep Subseafloor Biosphere Research
Peter Thomas Darch, Christine Louise Borgman

Where Does All the Data Go: Quantifying the Final Disposition of Research Data
Stacy T. Kowalczyk

The Phylogeny of a Dataset
Andrea K. Thomer, Nicholas M. Weber

Moderator:  Jevin West


How Can Information Providers Connect Information Resources to Entrepreneurs to Spur Innovation in Economic Development?

Anmol Kalsi, France Bouthillier, Tao Jin, Yao Zhang


Understanding Networked Youth and Online Privacy:  Questions, Methods and Implications

Devon L Greyson, Denise E. Agosto, Eric Meyers, Mega Subramaniam, June Abbas


The Role of Social and Other Media in the Unrests in Egypt, Turkey and Ukraine (SIG/III)
Anatoliy Gruzd, Selenay Aytac, Nouf Khashman

Student Award Winning Papers



Searching for Temporal Patterns in the Time Series of Publications of Authors in a Research Specialty
Theresa Velden, Kan Yu, Carl Lagoze

Citation Role Labeling via Local, Pairwise, and Global Features
Chun Guo, Yingying Yu, Azadeh Sanjari, Xiaozhong Liu

Enclaves of Anarchy: Preprint Sharing, 1940-1990
Stacy Suzanne Wykle

Moderator:  Vincent Lariviere

Data Mgmt

Curation and Policy Issues in Collaborative Research Data Management Communities:  Perspectives from Key Stakeholders

Michael Luesebrink, Hong Huang, Kristin Bodgan, Dorothea Salo, Charles Thomas, Jevin West, Lizabeth (Betsy) Wilson


Theoretical Foundations for Information Literacy:  A Plan for Action
John Budd, Annemaree Lloyd, Olof Sundin, James Elmborg


Mediating Connections Through Materiality:  Cultures and Communities
Lynne Howarth, Ivette Bayo Urban, Iulian Vamanu

Youth II

Digital Youth - The State of Affairs
Karen Fisher, Michael Eisenberg, Jason Yip, Negin Dahya, Katie Davis

Doctoral Seminar
(by invitation only)


Annual Business Meeting


Alumni Reception



 WEDNESDAY, November 5

Post-conference workshop - registration and additional fees required.


Metrics 2014: Workshop on Informetric and Scientometric Reserch (SIG/MET)