ASIS&T 2014 Annual Meeting 
Seattle, WA | October 31 - November 5, 2014

Understanding Networked Youth and Online Privacy: Questions, Methods and Implications (SIG/USE)

Devon L Greyson1, Denise E. Agosto2, Eric Meyers1, Mega Subramaniam3, June Abbas4
University of British Columbia, Canada; 2Drexel University, USA; 3University of Maryland, USA; 4University of Oklahoma, USA

Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2:00pm


Young people’s social practices online and use of digital media have been conceptualized both as an opportunity and a threat to society. While the mass media has often focused on moral panic related to dramatic examples of social media-related harm to young people, research within Library and Information Science has taken multiple methodological approaches to investigate the ways digital youth navigate and negotiate privacy in online spaces, as well as offer insight into technology design that supports online privacy.

This panel will demonstrate a variety of projects and approaches that have been taken to investigate privacy issues related to young people’s online interactions and practices, and the social and design implications of emerging findings for our understanding of young people and online privacy. We will also lead audience members in an interactive brainstorming session centered around various research scenarios, asking participants to consider the strengths and weaknesses of specific research questions and methods in addressing adults’ concerns related to youth and online privacy. We will conclude with an interactive discussion of recommended future research directions for enhancing our understanding of young people’s privacy practices.