ASIS&T 2014 Annual Meeting 
Seattle, WA | October 31 - November 5, 2014

Theoretical Foundations for Information Literacy: A Plan for Action

John Budd1, Annemaree Lloyd2, Olof Sundin3, James Elmborg4
University of Missouri--Columbia, United States of America; 2Charles Sturt University; 3University of Lund; 4University of Iowa

Tuesday, Nov. 4, 4:00pm


Information literacy is both a common and an important learning activity with higher education. That said, it is under-theorized as a process and as a path to a product. In order to meet the need for theory, the four panelists will offer four distinct possibilities for theoretical frameworks. While the four frameworks are able to stand alone, there is also the likelihood that they might be melded together in order to form an even richer and more robust underpinning for the work of information literacy and instruction. This panel fills a need that has heretofore been found wanting in the topic.