President's Reception Featuring Posters

Monday 6:30pm


  1. Adding a Dimension to Anscombe’s Quartet: Open Source, 3-D Data VisualizationSchneider Edward and Corey Dineen, both University of South Florida
  2. Telepresence Robots for Academics Susan Herring, Indiana University


  1. Opportunistic Discovery of Information and Millennials: An Exploratory Survey A.J. Million, Sheila O'Hare, Nathan Lowrance and Sanda Erdelez, all University of Missouri
  2. Game Theory in the Healthcare Literature: A Contextual Co-Descriptor Analysis of MeSH Term Assignments Katherine McCain, Drexel University
  3. NLP Tools as Editorial Aids Shahé Navasart Sanentz, Rutgers University
  4. The Many Facets of ‘Query’ in Interactive Information Retrieval Ali Shiri, University of Alberta
  5. Beyond Standards and Best Practices: Call for a Separate Information Architecture to Improve Access for Screen Reader Users to Library Websites Kyunghye Yoon, Tara Newberry, Laura Hulscher and Rachel Dols, all St. Catherine University
  6. “10 points for the best answer!” – Baiting for Explicating Knowledge Contributions within Online Q&A Erik Choi, Vanessa Kitzie and Chirag Shah, all Rutgers University
  7. ‘Misinformation? What of it?’ Motivations and Individual Differences in Misinformation Sharing on Social Media Xinran Chen and Sei-Ching Joanna Sin, both Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
  8. If I Could Read Your Mind: An Exploration of Online Image Searcher’s Behaviors Nouf Khashman, Jonathan Dorey and Elaine Ménard, all McGill University
  9. Information World Mapping: A Participatory, Visual Elicitation Activity for Information Practice Interviews Devon Greyson, University of British Columbia
  10. From Bad to Good: An Investigation of Question Quality and Transformation Vanessa Kitzie, Erik Choi and Chirag Shah, all Rutgers University
  11. Ebooks vs. Print Books: Readers’ Choices and Preferences across Contexts Yin Zhang and Sonali Kudva, both Kent State University
  12. Taking Entity Reconciliation Offline Ryan Shaw and Patrick Golden, both University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  13. User Engagement and System Support in the Search Process: User dominated, system dominated and balanced tactics Iris Xie, Soohyung Joo and Renee Bennett-Kapusniak, all University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  14. Exploring Requirements for Online Art Collections Irene Lopatovska, Iris Bierlein, Heather Lember and Eleanor Meyer, all Pratt Institute
  15. A Case Study of Surrogate Memory Cues, Self-Narrative, and Recall Lynne Howarth, University of Toronto
  16. The Importance of Context in the Automatic Classification of Email as Records of Business Value: a Pilot Study Inge Alberts and Andre Vellino, both University of Ottawa
  17. Automatic Error Detection from Pointing Device Input Data Afroza Sultana and Karyn Moffatt, both McGill University
  18. Identifying the ‘Go-To Spots’: Using Map Surveys to Elicit Perceptions of Space and Place in an Academic Library Michael Khoo, Lily Rozaklis, Catherine Hall and Diana Kusunoki, all Drexel University
  19. Challenges of Open Source ILS Adoption Vandana Singh, University of Tennessee
  20. Guess Who? An Empirical Study of Gender Deception and Detection in Computer-Mediated Communication Shuyuan Mary Ho and Jonathan Hollister, both Florida State University
  21. Bonded Design: Children as Co-designers of an Educational Tool for Students Involved in an Inquiry-based Project Mohammed J. AlGhamdi, Jamshid Beheshti, Charles Cole, Dhary Abuhimed and Isabelle Lamoureux, all McGill University
  22. Does Formal Authority Still Matter in the Age of Wisdom of Crowds?: Perceived Credibility, Peer and Professor Endorsement in Relation to College Students’ Wikipedia Use for Academic Purposes Sook Lim, St. Catherine University
  23. Crowdsourcing Health Literacy: The Case of an Online Community Ellen Rubenstein, University of Oklahoma
  24. Information Horizons of College Students: Source Preferences and Source Referrals in Academic Contexts Tien-I Tsai and Kyung-Sun Kim, both University of Wisconsin-Madison
  25. Time Pressure, User Satisfaction and Task Difficulty Anita Crescenzi, Robert Capra and Jaime Arguello, all University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  26. The Impact of Source Credibility on Young Adults’ Health Information Activities on Facebook: Preliminary Findings Sue Yeon Syn and Sung Un Kim, both The Catholic University of America
  27. Representation Patterns for Cultural Heritage Resources Richard Urban, Florida State University
  28. Understanding Metadata Functional Requirements in Genome Curation Work Hong Huang, University of South Florida and Jian Qin, Syracuse University
  29. Why Do Users Feel Search Task Difficult? Jingjing Liu and Caitlin Creel, both University of South Carolina, Chang Suk Kim, Southern Connecticut State University
  30. User Perception of 4 Hierarchical Layouts Tanja Mercun and Maja Žumer, both University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
  31. Interpreting FERPA: Issues of Student Privacy and New Boundaries of Student Data Kyle Jones, University of Wisconsin - Madison
  32. Compassion at a Distance: How Ordinary People are Enabling Their Compassion to Self-Organize Disaster Relief Efforts Remotely and Collaboratively Aiko Takazawa, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  33. Wikipedians From Mars: Female Students’ Perceptions Toward Wikipedia and Its Contributors Jinyoung Kim, University of maryland
  34. Text Mining as a Method of Analyzing Health Questions in Social Q&A Sanghee Oh and Min Sook Park, both Florida State University
  35. Agricultural Information and Empire Building in the Late 19th Century: National Information Policy, the People, and the USDA Christine D'Arpa, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  36. Conceptualizations of Technology in the Information Field Jasy Suet Yan Liew, Katie Hassman and Ping Zhang, Syracuse University
  37. Automatically Infer Subject Terms and Documents Associations Through Text Mining Kun Lu and Jin Mao, Wuhan University
  38. Citation Functions in Social Sciences and Humanities: Preliminary Results from a Citation Context Analysis of Taiwan’s History Research Journals Chi-Shiou Lin, Yi-Fan Chen and Chieh-Yu Chang, all National Taiwan University
  39. Applying the Stratified Model of Relevance Interactions to Music Information Retrieval David M. Weigl and Catherine Guastavino, both McGill University
  40. Comparing the Use of Semantic Relations between Tags Versus Latent Semantic Analysis for Generic Speech Summarization Hyunhee Kim, Myongji University
  41. Bilingual Researcher Profiles: Modeling Dutch Researchers in both English and Dutch Using the VIVO Ontology Tamy Chambers, Sahil Shah, Ashish Urankar, and Venkat Kalyan, all Indiana Universtiy; and Andrea Scharnhorst, Linda Reijnhoudt, Christophe Guéret and Ying Ding, all Data Archiving and Networking Services, Amsterdam, NL
  42. The Sonzogno Digital Library Project Sanghee Oh, Wonchan Choi and Silvia Valisa, all Florida State University
  43. Pioneers in Uncharted Territory: VINITI and the Communist Influence on the U.S. Scientific and Technical Information System Stan Trembach, University of South Carolina
  44. How Images are Converted on Twitter? JungWon Yoon, Florida State University, and EunKyung Chung, Ewha Womans University
  45. Comparing User Experience in a News Website across Three Devices:iPhone, iPad, and Desktop Yunhui Lu and Yanfei Ma, University of Misouri, Xin Wang, University of North Texas
  46. Gender Differences in Inquiry-Based Learning at the Middle School Level Isabelle Lamoureux, Jamshid Beheshti, Charles Cole, Dhary Abuhimed and Mohammed AlGhamdi, all McGill University
  47. A Comparison of a Hierarchical Tree to an Associative Map Interface for the Selection of Classification Terms Jan Buzydlowski, Holy Family University
  48. Building a Framework for Site-Based Data Curation Carole Palmer, Andrea Thomer, Karen Baker, Karen Wickett, Virgil Varvel, Bruce Fouke, Abigail Asangba, all University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Sayeed Choudhury, and Timothy DiLauro, Johns Hopkins, and Ann Rodman, Yellowstone National Park
  49. Searchers Switch Tactics Under Increased Mental LoadJacek Gwizdka, University of Texas at Austin
  50. Knowledge Artefacts: Lessons Learned and Stories as a Means to Transfer Knowledge Amongst Cohort of High School Students Working on an Inquiry-Based Project Dhary Abuhimed, Jamshid Beheshti, Charles Cole, Isabelle lamoureux and Mohammed alghamdi, all McGill University
  51. Use of Mobile Wellness Applications and Perception of Quality Wonchan Choi and Besiki Stvilia, both Florida State University
  52. Guidelines for Older-Adult-Friendly Online Tutorial for Facebook: Content, Design, and Training Principles Wonchan Choi, Julie Carranza and Melissa Fox, all Florida State University
  53. Mental Health in Library and Information Science Research: Preliminary Results of a Literature Review Focusing on Information Behavior Julie Mayrand and Joan Bartlett, both McGill University
  54. Differences in Citation Rates by Subject Areas of LIS in Korea Jongwook Lee and Wonchan Choi, both Florida State University
  55. Specialization in Data Curation: Preliminary Results from an Alumni Survey, 2008-2012 Cheryl Thompson, Megan Senseney, Karen Baker, Virgil Varvel and Carole Palmer, all University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  56. Exploring Evaluative Methods for Large-Scale Local History Katrina Fenlon, University of Illinois
  57. Iterative Design of a Collaborative 3D Virtual Information Management Environment Anita Komlodi, University of Maryland Baltimore County, and Karoly Hercegfi and Mate Koles, both Budapest University of Technology and Economics
  58. Taking the HINTS about Health: An Analysis of the Health Information Behavior of a Sample of the U.S. Public Katherine Chan and Beth St. Jean, both University of Maryland
  59. Information Seeking through Social Media: Impact of User Characteristics on Social Media Use Kyung-Sun Kim and Yuqi He, both University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Sei-Ching Joanna Sin, Nanyang Technological University
  60. Potential of Inducing Serendipitous News Discovery in a Social Gaming Environment Borchuluun Yadamsuren, University of Missouri
  61. "When I’ve Packed It In and They Send Me Something…”: Information Boundaries in Professional Home Offices Leslie Thomson, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  62. Social Q&A vs. Library Virtual Reference: User Choices and Comparisons Yin Zhang, Kent State University and Shengli Deng, Wuhan University
  63. Children’s Information Needs of a Patient Engagement System in a Hospital Room: Insights from Usability Testing in a Simulation Laboratory Kenneth Haggerty, Borchuluun Yadamsuren, Francis Kibaru and Josipa Basic, all University of Missouri
  64. An Exploratory Study of Middle School Students’ Sensemaking in a Collaborative Game Design Educational Project Xiaofeng Li and Rebecca Reynolds, both Rutgers University
  65. The Correlations Between Article Citation and References' Quality Measures: What Can We Learn? Jiepu Jiang, Daqing He, both University of Pittsburgh, and Chaoqun Ni, Indiana University
  66. Information Needs of Adults Living with Type 2 Diabetes: When Cookbooks Are More than Just Recipes Melinda Whetstone, Florida State University
  67. Learning by Game Design: Exploring Its Potential in Undergraduate Information Literacy Instruction Angela Ramnarine-Rieks, Syracuse University
  68. Analysis of Wiki Trace and Resource Use Survey Data to Predict the Quality of Game Design in the Guided Discovery-Based Collaborative Learning Program Eun Baik and Rebecca Reynolds, both Rutgers University
  69. Ethical Implications of Searching for a Kidney Donor Online Kaitlin Costello, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  70. Measuring Happiness of US Cities by Mining User-generated Text in A Pilot Analysis Sukjin You, Joel DesArmo and Soohyung Joo, all University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  71. Medical Image Users’ Search Tactics across Different Search Tasks Xin Wang, University of North Texas and Sanda Erdelez, University of Missouri
  72. Library Catalog as a Tool for E-Book Discovery and Access in Patron-Driven Acquisition (PDA): A Case Study Cristóbal Urbano, Universitat de Barcelona, and Yin Zhang, Kay Downey and Tom Klingler, all Kent State University
  73. Gender-Brand Effect of Search Queries on Sponsored Search Performance Partha Mukherjee and Bernard Jansen, both Pennsylvania State University
  74. Information Behavior Shift: How and Why Medical Students Use Facebook Dinara Saparova, Chris Inabnit and Michelle Fiesta, all University of Missouri, and Jayne Williams, MedSocket
  75. Exploring Interface Effect on Skimming Comprehension: Comparing Low-Clutter and No-Clutter Documentation Presentation Environments Nathan Lowrance and Heather Lea Moulaison, both University of Missouri
  76. Mobile Device Policies in Archive Reading Rooms Unmil Karadkar and Ciaran Trace, both University of Texas at Austin