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The Cloud – A Better Alternative for Long-term Preservation or Too Good to Be True?  Webinar
Original Broadcast Date:  March 14, 2013

Tired of receiving another End Of Life notice from your vendor? Performing disk migrations every five years? Managing persnickety software interoperability from multiple vendors? Being monkey in the middle diagnosing multi-vendor problems? Spending all your time and money on sustaining your infrastructure vs. innovating? 

Go to the Cloud! Today’s latest and greatest panacea for IT indigestion. Pack up your data and your troubles and ship it out to someplace else. Sign me up! I think?

I wonder if they have a 100 year contract? When they migrate my data, will my indexing application still find it? Do they really protect it? Will they support older OS versions for me? For how long? Will they sort out multi-vendor problems?

Mr. Wood will discuss the current infrastructure technology and procedures required for long term preservation and then compare and contrast them with the typical business model employed by most cloud providers. Are we headed to the altar or divorce court? Tune in and find out. 


Chris WoodMr. Leighton C. “Chris” Wood, Jr.

Mr. Wood, Director of Product Management at Oracle is responsible for product management of the Pillar Axiom family of storage systems as well as managing future development requirements for the next generation Axiom. Mr. Wood also is responsible for providing product and strategy support to the Oracle direct sales force. 

Earlier, Mr. Wood was the Director of Product Marketing at Pillar Data Systems and was responsible for all aspects of delivering Pillar products into the market. This included, but is not limited to, defining product requirements, developing both a direct and channel distribution strategy and insuring that all required collateral and technical documentation is available at product launch. Oracle acquired Pillar Data in 2011

Prior to Pillar, Mr. Wood was the Chief Storage Technologist for Sun’s Global Storage Solutions Practice; responsible for identifying and delivering the best technologies and solutions available that can address our customer’s complex data management problems. MaxStrat was acquired by Sun early in 1999.

At MaxStrat, Mr. Wood, VP of Sales and Marketing, was responsible for worldwide sales, technical support and the development of key OEM and strategic alliances with major systems houses and integrators. Before joining MaxStrat, Mr. Wood was the Director of Open Systems Architecture for the Storage Systems Division (SSD) of IBM. Prior to that, Mr. Wood held numerous jobs at IBM in OEM sales, product development and support; primarily in the storage and SNA Networking areas. 

Mr. Wood graduated from Union College, Schenectady NY in 1970 with degrees in Economics and Electrical Engineering. He currently holds three patents in the area of RAID design, very large data object storage architecture and power optimized storage infrastructure (The MAID patent). He is a member of IEEE and the SNIA Data Management Forum as well as other professional organizations.   

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