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SIG ED: Happiness and Its Relationship with Information
Webinar Date:  Tuesday, September 10, 2013, 2:00pm-3:00pm (EDT)

Empirical research has shown that a large part (40% as per Lyubomirsky, 2007) of our happiness is within our power to change. A question is whether happiness can be taught, and if it can, why it is left out from learning outcomes in higher education and the curriculum in Library and Information Science (LIS) schools. In this webinar, Dr. Naresh Agarwal will share his 7 commandments in life and lead to a theoretical model of happiness. He will also explore the relationship between happiness and information and the place of happiness in information science research and in LIS education. 


Dr. Naresh AgarwalDr. Naresh Agarwal
Dr. Naresh Agarwal is an Assistant Professor at the Graduate School of Library and Information Science (GSLIS) at Simmons College, Boston. Naresh is the winner of the 2012 James M Cretsos Award and the current Deputy Director of the ASIS&T Chapter Assembly. 

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