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PASIG Webinar - Storage Technology Trends for Archiving
Original Broadcast:  July 11, 2013

Today's archives continue to face rapid data growth with tight budgets. How do the various storage technologies compare today, and what does the future look like? What technologies should you be considering in your archive planning? Dr. Robert Raymond will talk about tiered storage and then review technology trends and future projections for each, including flash, disk, tape, etc. Dr. Raymond will cover the technology risks and challenges for each as part of the discussion. Tom Wultich will cover the economics of tape in particular, including history and trends, as well as future projections. He will show the results of the model for future pricing, which you can use to estimate your future archive costs. Tom and Bob will also be available to answer questions about the Linear Tape File System, tiered storage, data integrity, and more.

Tom Wultich Tom Wultich

Tom Wultich is the director of tape product and program management at Oracle, which includes StorageTek VSM, ELS and ACSLS host software, StorageTek Tape Analytics software, the SL-series of tape libraries, the StorageTek T10000 and T9840 tape drives, LTO tape drives, and tape media. Tom started at StorageTek in 1998 and has held various product management positions with the company since then. Previously Tom worked as a senior product manager for Tektronix, where he had responsibility for a portfolio of instrumentation products. Tom has also worked as a design engineer at SRI International and the US Naval Research Laboratory. Tom has a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan and an MBA from UCLA.

Bob Raymond Bob Raymond

Bob Raymond is Sr. Engineering Manager for Oracle Tape Storage. Bob is responsible for advanced tape systems architecture and tape partner development. This includes the development of our storage archive product called SAM_QFS and development of products based on new tape file systems like LTFS. In addition, he is responsible for analyzing new and competitive storage technologies. Bob has 35 years of experience in the storage industry working at IBM, Digital, StorageTek, Sun and now Oracle. Over this time Bob has managed many advanced data storage technology development activities, including disk and tape recording heads, disk media, tape drives and storage management software. He received his Ph.D. in electrical engineering from the University of Colorado.

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