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   Upcoming Live Webinars   
Delivery and Assessment of a Blended/Hybrid Learning Course [free to ASIS&T Members]
     Bill Wisser 
    Thursday, June 21, 2012

   Previously Broadcast Webinars   

Introduction to Blended/Hybrid Learning  [free]
  Bill Wisser  
What Does Tagging Have to Do With a Taxonomy? [free to ASIS&T Members]
Jacob Ratliff
Preparing to Incorporate Visualizations into a Metrics Research Project  
  Angela Zoss
Metadata Interoperability  [free to ASIS&T Members]
  Joseph Busch
Doing Oral History Interviews:  The Basics  [free]
  Robert V. Williams and Kathryn La Barre

Institutional Repositories and Local Practice:  Sharing Experience and Lessons
  D. Scott Brandt, Jennifer Laherty, Xiaocan (Lucy) Wang

ASIS&T Webinars on Webinars: How to Propose, Organize and Present a Webinar [free to ASIS&T members]
  Diane Neal

Envisioning Science and Technology
  Katy Börner
Taxonomies for Publishing:  Enhancing the User Experience [free to ASIS&T members]
  Marjorie Hlava
"I Have an Institutional Repository, Now What?"  Advanced Issues Related to Institutional Repositories [free to ASIS&T members]
June Abbas
Drilling Down to the Challenges of a SharePoint Taxonomy Implementation  [free to ASIS&T members]
  Marjorie Hlava and Joe Shepley
Crash Course in Institutional Repositories  [free to ASIS&T members]
  Marisa Ramirez

Transforming Our e-Learning 'Worst Practices' into Excellent Teaching  [free]
  Dr. Michelle M. Kazmer 
Why Information Architecture on SharePoint  [free to ASIS&T members]
  Joe Shepley
Web Analytics  
  Jim Jansen 
Beyond the Polar Bear:  A Gentle Introduction to Domain Driven Design
Mike Atherton

An Evening With National Public Radio [free]
Mary Glendinning & Hannah Sommers
From Intervention Informatics to Prevention Informatics  [free]
  Dr. Sherrilynne Fuller 

Dr. Fuller’s speech focuses on her work on developing health information systems (from individual patient records to building integrated databases and tools to support disease surveillance). She discusses how the established model of information systems to support intervention is leading to what she calls "prevention informatics,” in which information systems help prevent disease in the first place. She also discusses how the use of information and communications technologies for improving health in low resource settings. She believes that many of the information systems problems in developing countries are mirrored in a variety of ways in the United States. 

Linked Data
  Karen Coyle  
  • Introduction to Semantic Web and Linked Data 
  • Linked Data, Tools and Technologies 
Taxonomy Uses Series  [free to ASIS&T members]
  Access Innovations
  • Semantic Integration - Leveraging the Taxonomy
  • Taxonomies in Search
  • Setting Up the Store - Taxonomies in E-Commerce
  • People Directories and Author Networks Based on Taxonomies
Introduction to Information Architecture
  Donna Spencer
Taxonomy  [free to ASIS&T members]
  Project Performance Corporation
  • Introduction to Business Taxonomies
  • Taxonomy Workshops
  • Practical Taxonomy Design
  • Taxonomy Governance and Maintenance