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Transforming Our e-Learning 'Worst Practices' into Excellent Teaching
Original Broadcast Date:  Wednesday, July 20, 2011


ASIST SIG/ED has provided a forum for coordinating efforts and sharing educatorsí knowledge in a wide variety of information-oriented fields for more than 10 years. SIG/ED continues to be the premier organization for information science education.

We, SIG/ED officers, including chair Dr. Cassidy Sugimoto, recently discussed our vision for the organization and possible activities that will enable the exchange of information and views within a specific area of information science education. New this year, we have planned a lecture/demonstration/discussion-type activity via webinar. SIG/ED will host a webinar on online learning and has invited Dr. Michelle Kazmer to be a speaker. *ALISE Distance Education SIG will serve as a co-sponsor for the webinar.*

The webinar will provide a forum for the interaction of practitioners, educators, and others in the field of information science education to exchange ideas and engage in activities to advance their online teaching career, especially the development and transfer of innovative concepts and applications in online teaching.  


Our speaker, Dr. Michelle Kazmer, will be assisted by one or two SIGED officers. These officers will provide a brief introduction of the webinar and speaker and will help elicit participation and questions from the audience.

The webinar will be 60 minutes long. It includes: a brief introduction (by a SIG/ED officer) of the webinar and speaker will take 5-10 minutes; the presentation 30 minutes (by Dr. Kazmer); an interactive discussion session for 20 minutes (by Dr. Kazmer and a SIG/ED officer); a final wrap-up (by a SIG/ED officer). The presentation focuses on innovative technology and pedagogical methods to overcome systemic flaws and limitations in online learning, and will help solve problems we as educators have introduced into our own teaching and learning. Dr. Kazmer will discuss approaches that incorporate appropriate technology and take advantage of the systemic strengths of distributed learning environments. Then, webinar attendees will have a chance to reflect on the trials and errors derived from individual and collective experiences with online teaching during the interactive discussion session.

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Dr. Michelle M. KazmerDr. Michelle M. Kazmer

Dr. Michelle M. Kazmer is an Associate Professor in the School of Library and Information Studies within the College of Communication & Information at Florida State University. She also holds a courtesy faculty appointment at the Florida State University College of Medicine in the Department of Medical Humanities and Social Sciences. She is the co-editor, with Dr. Kathleen Burnett, of the Journal of Education for Library and Information Science.

Dr. Kazmer has been teaching online since 1997 and researching online learning since 1998, and her work has been published in journals such as New Review of Hypermedia and Multimedia, New Media and Society, Library Quarterly, LISR, and JASIST. She co-edited the volume "Learning, Culture and Community in Online Education" with Dr. Caroline Haythornthwaite.

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