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March 22-23, 2012
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RDAP Summit 2011 Program

  Thursday, March 31

8:30 9:00

  Welcome and Introductions

9:00 10:00


Clifford Lynch, CNI
Institutional Repositories Today and Tomorrow
10:00 10:30

Note Card Activity:
Main challenge in your institution; main challenge to field,
Gary Marchionini, UNC

10:30 11:00 Break
11:00 12:30

Institutional Repository Case Studies

Erin O'Meara, UNC: Organizer/Moderator; Terry Reese, Oregon State University; Katherine Kott, Stanford Digital Repository, Jonas Dupuich, Berkeley Electronic Press
12:30 1:30


1:30 2:30

NSF Data Management Plan Case Studies

Michael Giarlo, Penn State: Organizer/Moderator, Eric Chen, Cornell; MacKenzie Smith, MIT; Andrew Sallans, UVA
2:30 3:30

Data Publication Repositories

Joe Hourcle, NASA: Organizer/Moderator; Ruth Duerr, NSIDC; Steve Hughes, NASA, Phil Bourne, Protein Data Bank
3:30 4:00


4:00 5:30

Data Archives in Federal Agencies

Bill Anderson, UT Austin, Oranizer/Moderator; Arnold Rots, VAO; Joey Comeaux, CICL RDA; Glenn Rutledge, NOAA NOMADS, Dan Kowal, NOAA/NGDC
5:30 6:30



  Friday, April 1

8:00 9:30

Policy-based Data Management

Reagan Moore, UNC-RENCI: Organizer/Moderator; Micah Altman, Harvard; Monica Omodei, Australian National Data Service; Eliot Metsger, Johns Hopkins University; Wu Chang, NIST 
9:30 10:30

 Discussion of the main challenges from Thursday:
Gary Marchionini, UNC 

10:30 11:00 Break 
11:00 12:30

Future of Digital Libraries

Reagan Moore, UNC-RENCI: Organizer/Moderator; Panelists from the workshop