2011 ASIS&T Annual Meeting
Bridging the Gulf:
Communication and Information in Society, Technology, and Work

October 9-13, 2011
New Orleans, Louisiana

Portfolio Insertions

Promotional items (such as pens, mouse pads etc) must be able to fit into the portfolio.

All brochures or flyers should be sized to 8 x 11 (material may be folded to these dimensions). Paper-clipped items can not be accepted.

All items must be pre-approved. Complete and return the reservation form with a sample of the item to be inserted. We'll notify you as soon as possible if your insertion is accepted.

All insertions must be received by October 6, 2011.


Exclusive sponsorship of conference portfolios.

Portfolios are 15" x 10" Logos will be hot-stamped, one color. Logos will be 8 square inches, up to 4 lines straight line copy.

Oversize imprints, silk screening, and special positions may be special ordered for an additional charge.

Deadline for sponsorship: September 1, 2011.


Reserve your table top display today!