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The 8th Quadrennial Tri Society Symposium /
3rd DASER Summit

November 3, Friday, Hilton Hotel, Austin, Texas

The 8th Quadrennial Tri Society Symposium / 3rd DASER Summit (the Symposium) will focus on questions of how libraries and information centers are shaping the digital information world, and how they are being shaped by it. Many have wondered if libraries -- and librarians -- will even exist in the 22nd century. The Symposium assumes scientists, engineers, and physicians will continue to need information professionals. Instead, we ask second-generational questions: What is a "libraryWhere are libraries?"  in the digital revolution? What does a physical "library" look like? What is a "librarian?" Given that information centers are loci for knowledge sharing, how are they facilitating digital collaboration, education, and information management among scientists? Research and opinion from leaders in cutting edge library and information centers will prove both enlightening and inspiring.

  • Discuss visions of the future of library and information services for the sciences, technology, and medical arenas
  • Provide a regular and ongoing forum for exchange of ideas between researchers and practitioners in the three partner societies
  • Introduce attendees to the host society

The Trisociety Symposium on Chemical Information was founded in the late 1970s as a partnership among the three chemical informatics groups associated with ASIS&T, the ACS, and SLA.

The DASER Summit was begun in 2003 as a joint project of the ASIS&T SIG/STI and the NEASIST Chapter. The 2003 Summit focused on digital archives in science from a broad perspective. The 2005 Summit, cosponsored by SIG/STI and the Potomac Valley Chapter, looked at open access publishing in STM.


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