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International Partnerships in Developing and Deploying Health Open Educational Resources

Airong Luo, Dick Ng’ambi, Gregory Doyle and Ana Cleveland

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Lack of training opportunities for new and practicing health care professionals constitutes a major barrier to patient care in many developing countries. Open Education Resources (OER) have the potential to provide more training materials and alternative learning opportunities for health professionals. OER are teaching and learning materials made freely and openly available for students, faculty, and self learners around the world. OER is not an online distance learning program. The focus is on scaling up teaching and learning capacity in partner institutions by co-creating new learning materials and converting existing materials into OER. This panel will discuss the vision and challenges of OER. The panel will share their perspectives on the following issues:

- What are the challenges brought about by institutional policy and cultural differences, particularly when co-creating and sharing open educational resources between countries?

- What are the challenges brought about by differing technical infrastructures?

- How are different types of contents are created and packaged for discovery and delivery?

- How do we design new tools and leverage the existing tools (Sakai course management system, Adobe Connect and similar web conferencing systems, OpenCast and lecture capture systems) to facilitate the creation and use of knowledge?

- What is the role of students in creating and accessing OER?


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