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Disruptive technologies in health information landscapes: the case of diabetes and HbA1c

Fiona Black, Kathleen Amos, and Anatoliy Gruzd

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This interactive session explores advanced applications of strategic network analysis tools, using illustrations from a topical subject in health information – Diabetes and HbA1c. Panel members will stimulate audience engagement by employing a blended approach. This approach will involve a scholarly summary of results from the first phase of our larger project, a comparative analysis of information dissemination of new treatments for diabetes through peer-reviewed literature and through specialized weblogs and, interwoven throughout, a technical demonstration of network analysis tools. The session content builds on the authors' prior published and proprietary research relating to network, including blogosphere, analysis. The blogosphere (the aggregate of weblogs published by millions of individuals and organizations) continues to be an emerging information source for both the lay public and experts in all domains. The session’s case study focuses on treatment for a disease that exacts a huge toll on global social and economic wellbeing. Diabetes mellitus is the subject of increasingly intense clinical research focus, including new disease management strategies. This has been matched by increased activity by public health and health promotion communities. Alongside this growing professional interest, the rise of weblogs makes it possible to analyse the understanding that patient/public populations have of current best practices in diabetes disease management. Information specialists require deeper understandings of the influence of opinion-based information sources, such as blogs, and how these interact with traditional sources, such as peer-reviewed publications, in defining public knowledge around important issues. Gaining greater understanding of this dynamic will inform the scholarship of information and knowledge management. The session will provide a forum for discussion about the role of weblogs in the communication of specialized information to both lay and expert communities as well as a discussion about approaches and techniques for blogosphere analysis in general.


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