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Information-seeking behaviors of academic researchers in the Internet Age: A user study in the United States, China and Greece

Peiling Wang, Dimitirs A Dervos, Lei Wu and Yan Zhang

(Submission #73)


This ongoing study investigates academic researcher's information seeking and communication behaviors (ISC) in the Internet age. The study used a semi-structured, in-depth interview method, and a hybrid quantitative and qualitative approach to observe academic research use of Internet-enabled information resources and communication tools (hereafter, IICTs). A research framework is developed to comprise two dimensions: (A) ISC behaviors pertaining to long-term research needs or corresponding to project lifecycle; (B) IICTs providing information or supporting communication. The ISC dimension adopts Ellis's behavioral model with revision; the IICT dimension includes commonly used tools and resources such as the Web, email, digital library, online library catalog, etc. This paper reports on part of the preliminary results of three datasets from two disciplines: computer science and engineering in the US (28 participants), Greece (19 participants), and China (35 participants).

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