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Web Log Analysis Panel

Bernard Jansen, Suresh Bhavnani, G. Craig Murray, Amanda Spink and Dietmar Wolfram

(Submission #24)


A significant number of Web systems, search engines, and Websites collect large amount of user data in transaction and search logs. The availability of such logs has produced a wealth of research and development over the past decade on search patterns for Web search engines, intranet search services, target advertising, and Website design. These Web logs can certainly be rich sources of both personal data and user behavior. The availability of such data has resulted in significant advances in personalization, targeted search, and information push. However, these logs provide challenges and risks, along with opportunities. Panel members will discuss which critical research challenges need to be addressed in the near future. The panel members will also engage in a dialogue with audience members to develop an agenda for advancing the state of Web transaction and search log research on collecting Web log data, sharing data, addressing user privacy, analysis tools, and techniques to aid in Web log analysis.


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