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Who Is Tagging Information? (SIG USE, SIG CR, and SIG KM)

June Abbas, Hsin-liang Chen and Ed Lomax

(Submission #20)


As Web 2.0 aims to be a more dynamic, interactive, information-rich environment, social tagging, or the creation of user-defined metadata by users, (as well as the outcome of tagging, folksonomies or the development of user-centered vocabularies or lists of keywords that can be used for searching and subject access) (Dye, 2006), is a practice developing to foster online collaboration, independent information sharing and distribution as well as open communication. Systems that enable social tagging are becoming more common. In the Web 2.0 environment, tagging and folksonomies have been used in different contexts such as photo sharing sites like Flickr, video sharing sites like YouTube, blog search engines like Technorati, and in social bookmarking sites like and LibraryThing (Etches-Johnson, 2006).

The purposes of the panel are: 1) to explore the different contexts in which tagging is being used, 2) to examine how well social tagging has been adopted by several professions such as newspapers, libraries, museums, and within different contexts such as the Web (image and digital video sharing sites), corporations, medical professions, and other information professions, and 3) to discuss implications tagging may have to the library and information science profession. The panelists will present their observations and research results and discuss future trends for different fields.

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