ASIS&T 2006 Annual Meeting

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Seminars & Workshops

FRIDAY, November 3

9:00-5:00 Shaping Things to Come - Daser Summit III and Tri Society Symposium
9:00-5:00 Hands On Taxonomies - an Introduction to Creation and Maintenance of Controlled Vocabularies

SATURDAY, November 4

8:30-5:00 SIG CR 16th Annual Classification Research Workshop: Social Classification: Panacea or Pandora? 
8:30-12:30 Thesaurus to Ontology - What Does it Take to Make the Switch?  Advanced Taxonomy Course
8:30-12:30 Symposia:  Interrogating the Social Realities of Information and Communications Systems (SIG SI)
9:00-5:00 Making Information Work
1:30-5:30 Doing Ethnography: Examining ICT Use in Context (SIG SI)
1:30-5:30 Information Realities: Exploring Affective and Emotional Aspects in Information Seeking and Use:  SIG USE 6th Annual Research Symposium
2:00-5:00 Workshop on Blogs and Wikis:  How They Can Improve Conference Communications (SIGs BWP, DL, KM)

SUNDAY, November 5

8:30-12:30 Personal Information Management
8:30-12:00 SIG HCI Research Symposium: Human Computer Interaction in Information Intensive Environments
8:30 Chapter Assembly (governance)
10:00 SIG Cabinet (governance)
11:30 New Member and First Conference Brunch

Conference Begins



Plenary Session:  Albert-László Barabási


3:30 Interaction Beyond Retrieval, Karl Fast, Xia Lin, Yan Qu, Huahai Yang, Xiaolong Zhang Theoretical Topics in FRBR (CR), Allen Renear (moderator), Yunseon Choi, Jonathan Furner, Jerome McDonough How Chemists are Really Finding and Using Information in Our Digital Environment, Ashley Brown, Cecelia Brown, Catherine Blake, Carol Tenopir (moderator) Libraries
Analyzing Organizational Schemes of Information Resources in Library Websites by User Education Approaches
, Soojung Kim
Enhancing Digital Information Access in Public Libraries, Yan Quan Liu
Developing a Meaningful Digital Self-Archiving Model-Archival Theory vs Natural Behavior in the Research Project, Megan Winget, Marisa Ramirez
Questioning LibQUAL+ Critiquing its Assessment of Academic Library Effectiveness
, Bill Edgar
An Evaluation Model for the National Consortium of Instit. Repositories of Korean Universities, Hyunhee Kim, Yongho Kim
Towards Quality Culture in the Digital Environ-Management and Optimization Services in Research Libraries India, Dr. Amruth Sherikar, Dr. Suresh Jange
Session 1
5:30 Leadership Development Program (free, but you must register in advance)
6:30 Welcome Reception and SIG Rush

MONDAY, November 6

8:00 Search Result Visualization (VIS, LT), Dr. Chaomei Chen, Dr. Brad Eden, Dr. Sherry Koshman, Dr. Linn Marks, Collins, Dr. Ray Uzwyshyn Managing Scientific Data for Long-term Access and Use (USE), Melissa Cragin, John MacMullen, Jillian Wallis, Ann Zimmerman The I-School Movement (ED), Andrew Dillon, Harry Bruce, Michele Cloonan, Leigh Estabrook or Linda Smith, John King, James Thomas, Ray von Dran Interaction Design
Visualizing Meta Search Results-Evaluating the MetaCrystal Toolset
, Anselm Spoerri
Experimental Comparison of 2D and 3D Technology Mediated Paramedic-Physician Interaction in Remote Emergency Situations, Diane Sonnenwald, Maurin, Cairns, Welch, Fuchs
Force Feedback Textual and Graphic Displays for the Blind, Wooseob Jeong
Users Behavior
Intranet Users' Information-seeking Behaviour-an Analysis of Longitudinal Search Log Data
, Dick Stenmark, Taline Jadaan
Toward a Better Understanding of Help Seeking Behavior-an Evaluation of Help Mechanisms in Two IR Systems, Hong (Iris) Xie, Colleen Cool
User Behavior During the Book Selection Process, Nina Wacholder, Lu Liu, Ying-Hsang Liu
Session 1
10:00 Taking Leisure Seriously: Information Realities in Leisure Time (USE), Jenna Hartel (moderator), Robert Stebbins, Crystal Fulton, Shan Ju Change, Donald Case Forgetting and (Not) Forgotten in the Digital Future (HFIS), Howard Rosenbaum (moderator), Jean-Francois Blanchette, Michael Curry, Leah Lievrouw, Ronald Day Shaping the Future Realities of Virtual Reference (LT), Marie Radford, Lynn Connaway, Jeffrey Pomerantz Virtual Communities & Social Networks: The Impact of Blogs on Online Community and Social Engagement (KM), Qiping Zhang, Deborah Swain, Suliman Hawamdeh, Scott Robertson Health
Retrieving E-health Research-the Challenge of Accessing the Knowledge
, Davis, Richard Lustria, Mia Liza Brown, Linda
Current Status of Open Access in Biomedical Field-the Comparison of Countries Related to the Impact of National Policies, Mamiko Matsubayashi, Keiko Kurata, Yukiko Sakai, Noriko Morioka, Shinya Kato, Shinji Mine, Shuichi Ueda
Health Information Services Available for People Living with HIV/Aids-Perspectives of LIS Professionals, Bharat Mehra, Kendra Albright
12:30 Committee Meetings - Constitution and Bylaws, Education, Nominations, Membership
1:30 ImageCLEF and ImageCLEFmed: Toward Standard Test Collections for Image Storage and Retrieval Research (VIS), Paul Clough, William Hersh, Abebe Rorissa, Miquel Ruiz Competing Information Realities: Digital Libraries, Repositories, and the Commons (DL), Donald Kraft, Edie Rasmussen, Samantha Hastings, Anita Coleman Designing for Uncertainty (USE), Theresa Dirndorfer Anderson, Marcia Bates, Jennifer Berryman, Sanda Erdelez, Jannica Heinstrom Philosophy and Information Science: The Basics (HFIS), Don Fallis, Jonathan Furner, Kay Mathiesen, Allen Renear Information Organization
Using Category Information for Relationship Exploration in Textual Data
, Yan Qu, George Furnas, Ben Walstrum
Towards a Model of Information Scatter-Implications for Search and Design, Suresh Bhavnani, Fred Peck
Investigating the Performance of Automatic New Topic Identification Across Multiple Datasets, Huseyin Ozmutlu, Fatih Cavdur, Amanda Spink, Seda Ozmutlu
Session 2
3:30 Channelling Chatman: Questioning the Applicability of a Research Legacy to Today's Small World Realties (USE), Crystal Fulton, Gary Burnett, Karen Fisher, Julia Hersberger Setting the Stage for a Research Agenda for IS Researchers Doing Research on Sub-Saharan Africa, Victor Mbarika, Muhammadou Kah, Peter Meso, Philip Musa Toward a General Approach to Information Organization (CR), Francis Miksa, William Moen, Joseph Tennis, Frank (Little Bear) Exner Web
A Goal-Based Classification of Web Information Tasks, Melanie Kellar, Carolyn Watters, Michael Shephard
Information Searching Tactics of Web Searchers, Mimi Zhang, Bernard Jansen, Amanda Spink
The Role of Community-Based, Problem-Centered Information Intermediaries in Local Problem Solving
, Joan Durrance, Dana Walker, Maria Souden, Karen Fisher
Ebat-Technology-Enriched Research Community Model for the Life Sciences, Marlo Nordt, Josh Meisner, Chris Quick, Sarah Gatson, Unmil Karadkar, Richard Furuta
Specialists and Synthesists in a Question Answering Community, Rich Gazan
Session 2
3:30 SIG ED Doctoral Seminar (by invitation only)
5:15 Committee Meetings - Student Chapter Advisors, Awards and Honors, Standards, Leadership Development
6:30 Alumni Reception
8:00 International Reception

TUESDAY, November 7

8:30 The Reality of the Global, Digital Workplace: Innovation in Knowledge Management (KM, MGT), Chapman, Matt, Dobbins, James Moulton, Mary Rogers, Ann Paul Otlet, Documentation and Classification (HFIS, ED), Boyd Rayward, Jonathan Furner, Kathryn La Barre Knowledge Sharing in Online Communities: Digital Trends in Practice (SI, KM, USE), Noriko Hara, Pnina Shachaf, Thomas Haigh, Thomas Mackey, Robert Sandusky, Elisabeth Davenport Information Organization
Quantifying Literature Citations, Index Terms, and the Gene Ontology Annotations in the Saccharomyces Genome Database to Assess Results-Set Clustering Utility
, John MacMullen
Planning Personal Projects and Organizing Personal Information, William Jones, Harry Bruce, Austin Foxley, Charles Munat
An Adaptive User Profile for Filtering News Based on User Interest Hierarchy, Saradeep Singh, Michael Shepherd, Jack Duffy, Carolyn Watters
Exploring the Forecasting Potential of Company Annual Reports,
Xin Ying Qiu, Padmini Srinivasan, Nick Street
A Preliminary Study on Use of Resources for Intelligent Information Access, Jiangping Chen, Fei Li, Cong Xuan
Information Retrieval in Medicine - The Electronic Medical Record as a New Domain, Catherine Arnott Smith
Session 3
10:00 Being User-Oriented: Convergences, Divergences & Potentials for Systematic Dialogue Between Disciplines Researchers, Designers and Providers (USE, HCI), Brenda Dervin, Donald Case, Andrew Dillon, Karen Fisher, Lorraine Normore, Carol Tenopir, and numerous co-authors Everyday Classification: How Information is Categorized for Use and Re-use in Organizations (CR), Joseph Busch, Barbara Kwasnik, Kathryn La Barre, Ron Daniel, Ann Rockley Building a Digital Teaching Commons to Enhance Teaching and Learning: The MERIC Experience and Challenges, Ingrid Hsieh-Yee, Sherry Vellucci, William Moen, Francis Miksa, Diane Hillmann Legal
[Name Withheld] - Anonymity and its Implications
, Maureen Weicher
Authorship, Incentives for Creation, and Copyright in the Digital 21st Century, James Campbell
Digital Access to Government Information-To what Extent are Agencies in Compliance with E-FOIA ?, Shannon Oltmann, Howard Rosenbaum, Noriko Hara
Where Do Good Query Terms Come From?,
Gheorghe Muresan, Dmitri Roussinov
Known-item Searching - Variations on a Concept, Jin Ha Lee, Allen Renear, Linda Smith
Measuring User Engagement with Information Systems, Heather O'Brien
Session 3
11:45 Awards Luncheon
1:45 Everyday Classification: How Products are Categorized so You Will Buy Them Today and Tomorrow (CR, IA), Jeremy Gunn, Joel Arabia, Reactors Barbara Kwasnik, Kathryn La Barre, Joseph Busch (moderator) Life After WSIS: Lessons Learned and Implications for The Information Professions (III, IFP), , Leslie Chan, Robert Guerra, Sheri Webber, Johannes Britz, Nadia Caidi (moderator), John Gathegi (moderator) Education for Digital Librarianship: Employers' Needs and How They Can Be Addressed (DL, ED), June Abbas, Youngok Choi, Javed Mostafa, Kristine Brancolini, Jeffrey Pomerantz, Abby Clobridge Research Collaboration
Patterns of Research Collaboration in a Large Digital Library
, Nisa Bakkalbasi, Thomas Krichel
The Special Case of Scientific Data Sharing with Education, Jillian Wallis, Stasa Milojevic, Christine Borgman, William Sandoval
Informal Communication in Collaboratories, Airong Luo
Information Organization
Personal Email Management on the University Digital Desktop-User Behaviors vs. Archival Best Practices
, Megan Winget, Kimberly Chang, Helen Tibbo
Patterns and Inconsistencies in Collaborative Tagging Systems - an Examination of Tagging Practices, Margaret Kipp, Grant Campbell
Patterns of Reading and Organizing Information in Document Triage, Soonil Bae, Catherine Marshall
3:30 Authenticity Revisited: The Cultural Implications of a Digital Reality (HFIS), Heather MacNeil, Bonnie Mak, Jennifer Douglas Anarchists, Pirates, Ideologists & Disasters: New Digital Trends and Their Impacts (SI, IFP, CRIT), Pnina Shachaf, Noriko Hara, Kristin Eschenfelder, Abby Goodrum, Lori Cooke Scott, Kalpana Shankar, Muzaffer Ozakca, Alice Robbin 4th Global Information Village Plaza, Personal and Professional Trust in Information in the 21st Century (III), Aaron Bowen Users Behavior
Communication and Information-seeking Behavior of Research Students in Physicists and Astronomy
, Hamid Jamali, David Nicholas
Trends in the Use of Digital Libraries by Scientists in 2000-2005, a Case Study of FinElib, Pertti Vakkari
Web Portal Design Guidelines as Identified by Children Through the Processes of Design and Evaluation, Andrew Large, Jamshid Beheshti , Valerie Nesset, Leanne Bowler
New Theoretical Approaches
Conception-based Approach to Automatic Subject Term Assignment for Scientific Journal Articles
, Eunkyung Chung, Samantha Hastings
Formal Definitions of Web Information Search, Su Yan, Lee Giles, Bernard Jansen
Modeling Our Understanding, Understanding Our Models - the Case of Inheritance in FRBR, Allen Renear, Yunseon Choi
Collection Analysis
Trailblazing Through a Knowledge Space of Science - Forward Citation Expansion in CiteSeer
, Chaomei Chen, Xia Lin, Weizhong Zhu
Collection Definition in Federated Digital Resource Development, Carole Palmer, Ellen Knutson, Michael Twidale, Oksana Zavalina
5:00 Annual Business Meeting (all welcome)
8:00 SIG CON

WEDNESDAY, November 8

8:30 Federated Searching: User Perceptions, System Design, and Library Instructions, Rong Tang, Ingrid Hsieh-Yee, David Lindahl, Karen Groves, Lynn Lampert Personal Digital Collections (DL), Deborah Barreau, Christine Borgman, William Jones, Cathy Marshall, Luz Quiroga Standards in Electronic Resource Management (LT), Rafal Kasprowski (moderator), Ted Koppel, Nathan Robertson Information Realities of HIV/AIDS Information in Sub-Saharan Africa: Barriers and Challenges to Information Professionalss, (III, USE, MED, IFP, CRIT), Kendra Albright (moderator), Kingo Mohombu,Rosemary Kabugo, Renee Schoombee, Modou Fall Sall Measuring Science
Dispelling the Myths Behind Straight Citation Counts, Dangzhi Zhao
Citation Analysis - a Comparison of Google Scholar, Scopus, and Web of Science, Kiduk Yang, Lokman Meho
A New Framework for the Citation Indexing Paradigm, Dimitris Dervos, Nikolaos Samaras, Georgios Evagelidis, Theodore Folias
Image Semantics in the Description and Categorization of Journalistic Photographs, Mari Laine-Hernandez, Stina Westman
Exploration of Needs for Connotative Messages During Image Search Process, JungWon Yoon
Video Annotation in a Learning Environment, Xin Fu, John Schaefer, Gary Marchionini, Xiangming Mu


Plenary Session:  Susan Dumais, Microsoft


1:30 Ethics and Children's Information Systems, Silverstein, Nissenbaum, Flanagan, Freier Historiography of Information Science (HFIS), Michael Buckland, Julian Warner, Geoffrey Bowker The Landscape of Metadata Research and Development (STI, CR, DL), Jian Qin, Raed Sharif, Eva Mendez, Xiolin Zhang Long-Term Outcomes of Web-Based Distance Learning Programs in LIS (ED), Michelle Kazmer, Bruce Kingma, June Lester, Linda Smith Access to Scientific Data: The Social and Technical Challenges & Strategies (session 1) (STI), Yale Braunstein, Caroline Whitbech, Mark Parsons, Timothy Eastman, Sherry Xie, John D’Ignazio  Images
Semantic Visual Features in Content-Based Video Retrieval
, Xiangming Mu
Digital Images in Dentistry Education - the Role of Delivery Medium and Metadata, Stephen Paling, Melissa Miszkiewicz, June Abbas
What Can Searching Behavior Tell Us About the Difficulty of Information Tasks?  A Study of Web Navigation, Jacek Gwizdka, Ian Spence
3:30   The Power of Context-Empowering Data-Based Librarianship Through Data Warehousing, Data Mining, and Visualization (LT), Scott Nicholson, Lynn Silipigni Connaway, Bob Molyneux Health Information Seeking in the E-Health Era-Evidence From the NCI's Health Information National Trends Survey, Mia Liza Lustria, Darrell Burke, Kyunghye Kim, Nahyun Kwon, Donald Case (moderator)  Philosophical
A Semiotic View of Information - Semiotics as as Foundation of LIS Research in Information Behavior
, Sheng-Cheng Huang
Weak Information Work and "Doable Problems" in Interdisciplinary Science, Carole Palmer
Data Realities in Plural Contexts - Appraisal of a Definition [of Social Informatics], Fletcher Cole
Access to Scientific Data: The Social and Technical Challenges & Strategies (session 2) (STI), Yale Braunstein, Caroline Whitbech, Mark Parsons, Timothy Eastman, Sherry Xie, John D’Ignazio   
6:00 President's Reception

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