Diversity and Inclusion in ASIS&T: A Report and Recommendations from AM16 Luncheon Discussion

The recent ASIS&T Bulletin for June/July17 has been published and includes a report by the organizers of the first Diversity and Inclusion Luncheon at the 2016 ASIS&T Annual Meeting in Copenhagen.

The Diversity and Inclusion Luncheon was held at the 2016 ASIS&T Annual Meeting (AM) for the first time. The purpose of the luncheon was to celebrate diversity and inclusion and to generate ideas regarding how ASIS&T could continue to encourage diversity and support inclusion. The luncheon was designed and organized by Annual Meeting co-chairs, Diane Sonnenwald and Lauren Harrison. Eight colleagues, Judit Bar-Ilan, Harry Bruce, Toni Carbo, Lynn Silipigni Connaway, Ixchel Faniel, Sandra Hirsh, Fidelia Ibekwe-SanJuan and Adam Worrall, served as discussion leaders at the lunch tables.

You can read the full report on the ASIS&T website.

Information Today Report – The ASIS&T AM Goes to Europe

info today jan17 EUChap member Emil Levine reports on the ASIS&T Annual Meeting in Copenhagen last autumn and summarizes current LIS research as well as European Influence on Information Science.

Levine, E. (2017). The ASIS&T Annual Meeting Goes to Europe. Information Today, 31(1). http://www.infotoday.com/it/jan17/Levine–The-ASIST-Annual-Meeting-Goes-to-Europe.shtml  

Research in virtual and augmented reality, human-computer interaction, human motion tracking, and computer graphics and vision, with a focus on healthcare applications, were the topics of Greg Welch’s opening plenary speech, “Bridging the Telepresence Valley,” at the annual meeting of the Association for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T) in Copenhagen, Denmark, Oct. 14–18, 2016. This was the first time an annual ASIS&T meeting was held outside of the U.S. or Canada.

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Results from EUChap Panel at AM 2016

For the panel “Tomato tomahto: European perspectives on information science” at the AM2016 organized by our chapter member Julian Isabella gathered and condensed information on how EUChap members  perceive the concept ‘information science’ from their particular point of view and specific background. The descriptions and definitions were categorized and major as well as outstanding viewpoints have been presented during the panel. With the help of 12 members Isabella could build a map of concepts related to ‘information science’ that also provided a ‘visual’ starting point for discussion among panelists and the audience.

Panel slides.

Storify about AM in Copenhagen

If you want to know what the Library and Informaiton Science community did in Copenhagen this October, listen to our board member Agnes Mainka. She participated in an ASIS&T competition and created a digitale story about her experiences and adventures in Copenhagen, from talks and meetings with colleagues to the first Barcamp of the European Student Chapter.

See Agnes’ story on Storify.

Congratulations to Agnes: She succeeded in the competition and received a prize for her storify.

EUChap comes with 14 contributions to Copenhagen

14 contributions of European Chapter members were accepted to be presented at the ASIS&T Annual Meeting in Copenhagen. Congratulations to all colleagues. We are looking forward to seeing you in October!

Please do also not forget the 1st Student Barcamp organized by the European Student Chapter!

EUChap contributions to AM 2016

AuthorsTitle Contribution
Kjellberg, Sara; Haider, Jutta; Cox, Andrew; Tam, Winnie; Tammaro, Anna Maria; Matusiak, Krystyna K.Making research data possible: negotiating between disciplinary cultures, temporalities, data policies, professional interests and education and training Panel
Huvila, Isto; Budd, John M.; Lloyd, Annemaree; Palmer, Carole; Toms, ElaineInformation Work in Information Science Research and PracticePanel
Julian Warner, Michael Buckland, Fidelia Ibekwe-SanJuan, Isabella Peters, Niels Windfeld LundTomato tomahto: European perspectives on information science Panel
Mainka, Agnes; Castelnovo, Walter; Miettinen, Virve; Bech-Petersen, Sidsel; Hartmann, Sarah; Stock, Wolfgang G. Open Innovation In Smart Cities: Civic Participation and Co-Creation of Public ServicesPanel
Wang, Peiling; Wolfram, Dietmar; Bates, Marcia; Hoyt, Jason; Poschl, Ulrich; Ingwersen, Peter; Smith, RichardThe Last Frontier in Open Science: Will Open Peer Review Transform Scientific and Scholarly Publishing?Panel
Lopatovska, Irene (USA); Byström, Katriina (Norway); Given, Lisa (Australia); O'Brien, Heather (Canada); Rorissa, Abebe (USA)Life After Tenure: Professional Development Strategies for Mid-Career FacultyPanel
Lai Ma, Selenay Aytac, Hsin Liang Chen, Xiao Hu, Devendra Dilip Potnis, and Abebe RorrissaDiversity and Multiculturalism in LIS EducationPanel
Sarah Barriage, Wayne Buente, Elke Greifeneder, Devon Greyson, Vanessa Kitzie, Miraida Morales, Ross Todd, Julie WinkelsteinEthical Tensions in Research:  The Influence of Metatheoretical Orientation on Ethics of ResearchPanel
Ben Heuwing, Thomas Mandl, and Christa Womser-HackerMethods of User Centered Design and Evaluation of Text Analysis Tools in a Digital History ProjectPaper
Domachowski, Alexa; Griesbaum, Joachim; Heuwing, BenPerception and effectiveness of search advertising on smartphonesPaper
Lai Ma & Michael LadischScholarly Communication and Practices in the World of Metrics: An Exploratory StudyPoster
Isabella Peters & Agnes MainkaPush a badly built cart with bumpy wheels along a marshy meadow”. Or: A Short Tale on the Importance of Information SciencePoster
Byström, Katriina; Fichman, Pnina; Freund, Luanne; Rosenbaum, HowardEnhancing lives through Information and Technology: A Combined SIG-SI and SIG-USE Full-Day WorkshopWorkshop
Mei-Mei, Diane H Sonnenwald, Sam Chu; ShanJu ChangTheory development within the information sciencesWorkshop