Call for Participation

Libraries in the Digital Age (LIDA)
University of Zadar, Croatia

June 13-15, 2018

Photo by: Boehringer Friedrich

Conference Theme

Social Justice, Community Engagement & Information Institutions: Access, Diversity, & Inclusion

 Libraries in the Digital Age (LIDA) addresses the changing and challenging environment for libraries and other information institutions in the digital world. LIDA is an international biennial conference that brings together researchers, educators, practitioners, and developers from all over the world in a forum for personal exchanges, discussions, and learning, made easier by being held in a lovely Mediterranean town located on the Adriatic coast. We welcome papers that address critical and theoretical examination of the theme; present current research and evidence, as well as examination of best practices from the field, and practitioner perspectives and applications.

Keynote Speakers



Toni Samek, Ph.D., School of Library and Information Studies, University of Alberta, CA



Nicole Cooke, Ph.D., School of Information Sciences, Univ. of IL, USA

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                         Contribution Themes

Papers, panels, workshops and posters are invited, covering the following, and related, topics with regard to libraries, archives, museums, and other information institutions:

  • Designing for diversity, inclusivity, equitable and flexible use
  • Community needs assessment for design and development
  • Understanding and developing services for underserved / marginalized groups
  • Community building, activism and citizenry
  • Inequities, questions of privilege, power, and social control
  • Human rights
  • Critical approaches
  • Creating  inclusive spaces
  • Systems, structures & architecture for design & development in the context of social justice and community engagement
  • Transforming from provider-led to community-led agencies of social change
  • Social justice, archives and preservation
  • International perspectives / research on  social justice and community engagement
  • Developing countries and preservation of indigenous knowledge
  • Information organization / metadata / search algorithms for diversity, inclusivity, and flexibility
  • Diverse cultural contexts, religious, political and value systems
  •  Information literacy / pedagogy for social justice
  • Virtual communities affording access to different stakeholders
  • Collection development for diversity and inclusion
  • Intellectual freedom, information ethics
  • Reflective assessment of best practices from the field, related to conference theme

January 15, 2018
for papers, panels, and workshops
February 15, 2018 for posters, PhD forum, Student Showcase
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                        Sponsorship Opportunities Available
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Conference Directors
Marie L. Radford
, Ph.D., School of Communication and Information, Rutgers Univ., USA
Ross J. Todd, Ph.D., School of Communication and Information, Rutgers Univ., USA
Sanjica Faletar Tanacković, Ph.D., Dept. of Information Sciences, Univ. of Osijek, Croatia
Martina Dragija Ivanović, Ph.D., Dept. of Information Sciences, Univ. of Zadar, Croatia



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