Bulletin, February/March 2015

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Irene L. Travis, Editor

Bulletin of the Association for Information Science and Technology


Seattle, with its strategic position on the Pacific Rim, proximity to Canada and the rich traditions of the indigenous tribes of the Northwest, and its own cultural diversity was a particularly appropriate venue for an Annual Meeting with the theme “Connecting Collections, Cultures and Communities.” The meeting was well and enthusiastically attended with side attractions such as a preview of the new website and an opportunity to provide input to the members working on the ASIS&T strategic plan. This issue provides a taste of some of the many interesting presentations and discussions available at the Annual Meeting. 

Inside, you will find summaries of three pre-conference, SIG-sponsored workshops (SIG/IFP with SIG/III; SIG/USE; and SIG/SI), which have grown in number and ambition over the years as the meeting itself has been shortened. SIGs have established their own awards to recognize achievement in their areas of interest, whose announcement may be included in the workshop along with papers, posters and panels. 

The Bulletin has, of course, always covered Association-level awards, publishing citations and photographs of award recipients. In an effort to better acquaint the membership with the achievements of some the Association’s highest honors, we also include the acceptance speech of 2014 Award of Merit honoree Marge Hlava and an article by Diane Kelly, 2014 Research Award recipient, about her research. 

As part of the Annual Meeting coverage, we include write-ups of the two plenary sessions by speakers Kris M. Kutchera of Alaska Air Group and Alessandro Acquisti of Carnegie Mellon University. Our thanks to Steve Hardin for covering the talks.

We would also like to thank the dedicated members of the RDAP (research data access and preservation) community who have solicited columns and/or edited issues for the Bulletin for the last three years: Lizzie Rolando, Susan Wells Parham and Jennifer Doty. We are fortunate to have a RDAP Review column in this issue on the Joint Declaration of Citation Principles by four of its principal movers – Micah Altman, Christine Borgman, Mercè Crosas and Maryann Martone.

Finally, on the President’s Page, president Sandy Hirsh, in her first column of the new year, looks back and reflects on her experiences at the 2014 meeting of the Council of Scientific Society Presidents and the commonality of the problems faced by all such institutions. Looking forward, she reviews her goals for the year, including a strategic plan for ASIS&T and updates us on the progress of the redesign of the website.