Bulletin, August/September 2012

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Irene L. Travis, Editor

Bulletin of the American Society for Information Science and Technology


In honor of the 75th anniversary of ASIS&T’s founding and the SIG’s materialization from the virtual, SIG/MET has produced a special section on metrics for this issue of the Bulletin with an emphasis on data from our own history. Guest editors Staša Milojević and Cassidy Sugimoto have assembled six outstanding articles that are very informative both about what biblio, web, alt and other kinds of metrics are and about their growing significance in information science (IS) and their role in other disciplines. The authors also discuss the transfer of these ideas and technologies across scholarly boundaries. Cassidy’s interviews with four ASIS&T members who have been distinguished pioneers and scholars in this field conclude the section. 

Our feature article also explores an aspect of IS scholarship. Have you looked at a recent program for the Annual Meeting and wondered what the sessions on “metatheoretical snowmen” could possibly be about? Their creator, Jenna Hartel, demystifies them in the feature article “Metatheoretical Snowmen: A Pedagogical Gedankenexperiment in Information Metatheory.” The snowmen are a device to help doctoral students and others more clearly understand the implications of adopting a particular metatheory as the world view for their research, whether bibliometric, constructionist, historical, philosophical or any other of many possibilities and whether in pursuit of a particular research project or as a career-long predilection. In the wake of her discovery, various other metatheoretical creatures, such as flamingos and lions, have also been sighted. Join in the fun at upcoming Annual Meetings and other IS gatherings.