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ASIS&T Digital Libraries Special Interest Group (SIG-DL) Officers and Executive Committee

SIG-DL Officers are elected annually by the SIG membership at large in elections held prior to the ASIS&T Annual Meeting. All SIG members are eligible to serve as officers, and to participate in officer elections. The elected positions of SIG-DL leadership are SIG Chair, Chair-elect (automatically assumes position of Chair at the end of term), Secretary/Treasurer, Communications Officer, Membership Officer, and Webmaster. Length of term as a SIG-DL officer is one year, with an option of running for the same or a different position the following year. Individuals may hold more than one office, with the exception that the Chair and Chair-elect cannot be the same person in any given year.

The SIG-DL Executive Committee is composed of the currently elected SIG officers plus any SIG member the Chair chooses to include, such as the Past SIG Chair. The immediate Past Chair provides continuity in discussions of SIG focus and activities, and is encouraged to maintain participation on the Executive Committee. When new SIG officers are elected, they inherit a rich history of SIG-DL activities.

The Executive Committee sets the direction and focus of SIG-DL activities, and conducts and manages the affairs of the SIG, including the right to appropriate and expend SIG funds. The Committee makes decisions on behalf of the SIG, including workshops or conferences sponsored by or in-cooperation with the SIG, awards given by the SIG, programs and projects that the SIG participates in or funds, communication with the SIG membership, etc. The Executive Committee also provides oversight of the SIG-DL website, social networking accounts, and email list.

All officers must be members of ASIS&T SIG-DL in good standing. Officers participate in both the SIG-DL Business Meeting at ASIS&T Annual and strategic planning meetings throughout the year. Together, officers determine membership needs, develop new programs, and propose new initiatives for SIG-DL.

The individual SIG-DL Officers also have specific responsibilities, outlined below.



Presides over all SIG meetings, appoints any committee chairs, and acts as Nominating Committee Chair. It is the responsibility of the Chair to lead development and implementation of the SIG's annual activities, while involving other SIG leaders, both elected and appointed, to handle a variety of responsibilities. The Chair, with assistance provided from the Executive Committee, submits the annual activity report to the ASIS&T SIG Cabinet Director by August 15.

The Chair serves as SIG-DL Cabinet Representative on the ASIS&T SIG Cabinet. This individual coordinates communication between ASIS&T, the Executive Committee, and SIG members throughout the year (regarding officer election results, awards, calls for papers, new initiatives, and other announcements related to the SIG). The Chair fields requests for cooperation or co-sponsored programs.

Chair Responsibilities

Between Meetings:

  • Leads Executive Committee in planning SIG budget and activities for the year
  • Coordinates & leads SIG planning meetings throughout the year
  • Prior to Annual Meeting writes and submits annual activity report with assistance from Executive Committee
  • Serves as Nominating Committee Chair & coordinates annual officer elections

Annual Meeting:

  • Outgoing Chair attends ASIS&T SIG Cabinet Meeting as voting representative
  • Outgoing Chair presents the SIG activity report during the annual SIG-DL Business Meeting
  • Outgoing Chair transfers documentation from the previous year to the Chair
  • Incoming Chair leads annual SIG-DL Business Meeting (other duties listed under Chair-elect)

After Annual Meeting:

  • Past Chair continues active participation as a member of Executive Committee, as time permits


Collaborates with the Chair in planning and executing SIG programs, and assumes the duties of the Chair in the event of the Chair's absence or resignation. As Incoming Chair, the Chair-elect coordinates many aspects of SIG business during ASIS&T Annual.

Chair-Elect Responsibilities

Between Meetings:

  • Assists the Chair in planning and executing SIG programs
  • Assumes the duties of the Chair in the event of absence or resignation

Prior to Annual Meeting:

  • Serves on the Nominating Committee to assist in the election of new officers
  • Coordinates SIG-DL Business Meeting: reserves a meeting room with ASIS&T SIG Cabinet Chair; makes other needed meeting arrangements (e.g., handouts, refreshments, etc.)
  • Plans the SIG-DL Dutch Treat Dinner

Annual Meeting:

  • Outgoing Chair-elect leads the SIG-DL Business Meeting
  • Outgoing Chair-elect attends SIG Cabinet and serves as Alternate Cabinet Representative (voting in the absence of Outgoing Chair)
  • Outgoing Chair-elect attends the Welcome Reception/SIG Rush, New Members and First Conference Brunch and the SIG Dutch-Treat Dinner

After Annual Meeting:

  • Past Chair-elect assumes duties of Chair


Responsible for tracking, reporting and disbursing SIG monies, and is required to prepare and report financial information for the SIG. The Secretary/Treasurer works closely with the ASIS&T Director of Finance, the SIG Cabinet Director, and SIG-DL Executive Committee. Makes recommendations to the Chair and Executive Committee regarding financial matters; suggests measures to build financial resources. This individual is also responsible for keeping records of meeting minutes.

Secretary/Treasurer Responsibilities

Between Meetings:

  • Prepares budget for the year, working closely with Chair and Executive Committee
  • Records meeting minutes and posts approved minutes on SIG wiki
  • Provides the SIG chair and SIG Executive Committee with interpretation of financial data needed for decisions
  • Prior to Annual Meeting Reviews annual budget performance and recommends budget changes to the SIG Executive Committee
  • Updates fiscal information & prepares summarized account of expenditures for distribution at the meeting
  • Contacts the incoming Secretary/Treasurer before the meeting to plan transfer of budget information

Annual Meeting:

  • Outgoing Secretary/Treasurer transfers budget information to incumbent, including that disbursed at the SIG Cabinet Meeting
  • Incoming Secretary/Treasurer takes minutes of the annual SIG Business Meeting

After Annual Meeting:

  • Reconciles previous year's budget with new fiscal information received from ASIS&T, such as allocated funds

Communications Officer

Responsible for sharing SIG-DL news and information with SIG membership, through various channels. This individual serves as administrator of the SIG-DL email list –monitoring email submissions and membership requests. The Communications Officer is also responsible for the SIG-DL LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter accounts (along with any additional methods of social networking and communication) – which should be checked on a frequent (preferably daily) basis. Membership requests to any SIG-DL list or account should be granted in a timely manner. Other members of the Executive Committee may also serve as administrators of these accounts to share the administrative burden. As of 2011, except for the ASIST SIG-DL email list, all aforementioned accounts are tied to the SIG-DL Gmail account. There is no need to change any managerial settings of the accounts; however, it is recommended that passwords be changed a minimum of once a year for security reasons. Ownership of these accounts is handed over to the new Communications Officer after the ASIS&T Annual Meeting.

Communications Officer Responsibilities

Between Meetings:

  • Serves as administrator of SIG-DL mailing list, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts
  • Maintains active communication with members throughout the year, sharing both SIG business and other news of interest to SIG membership

Prior to Annual Meeting:

  • Shares information regarding annual officer elections, including call for nominations and election results
  • Posts announcements relevant to the Annual Meeting, such as location and time of SIG-DL Business Meeting, Dutch Treat Dinner and sponsored sessions
  • Contacts incoming officer to establish an exchange of information regarding the maintenance of accounts

Annual Meeting:

  • Makes sure that up-to-date meeting information is distributed to members and attendees
  • Maintains list of Dutch Treat Dinner attendees & helps coordinate dinner attendance
  • Outgoing Officer provides incoming officer with URLs, usernames, and passwords for current communication accounts

After Annual Meeting:

  • Outgoing Officer notifies Dick Hill of change in administration of the email list. Dick makes the change and provides new password to incoming officer

Membership Officer

Responsible for maintaining updated membership lists by obtaining official SIG-DL membership roster from ASIS&T staff. Official SIG membership reports from ASIS&T should be reviewed quarterly so the Membership Officer can welcome new members and contact lapsed members with reminders to renew. While ASIS&T staff is responsible for maintaining official membership rosters and communication, the person-to-person contact which happens at the SIG level provides networking opportunities to members. SIG-DL has an increasing social media presence (e.g., LinkedIn and Facebook), which does not require SIG-DL membership. In addition to communicating SIG-DL news, the social media channels serve as an important means to draw new members to the SIG. The Membership Officer should communicate at least bi-annually on each of these channels about SIG-DL membership benefits and invite people to join the SIG. Messages to this effect will be created by the Membership Officer to be dispersed by the Communications Officer.

Membership Officer Responsibilities

Between Meetings:

  • Explores methods for obtaining, engaging and retaining SIG members
  • Communicates benefits of SIG membership through social media channels
  • Maintains updated membership lists by obtaining official roster from ASIS&T staff
  • Reviews official SIG membership reports from ASIS&T quarterly to welcome new members and contact lapsed members with reminders to renew

Prior to Annual Meeting:

  • Prepares list of SIG members and email addresses for annual election
  • Assists in planning of the SIG-DL Dutch Treat Dinner

Annual Meeting:

  • Attends the Welcome Reception/SIG Rush, and the SIG Dutch-Treat Dinner

After Annual Meeting:

  • Outgoing Officer shares membership development strategies with new officer


Responsible for managing the SIG-DL website ( and wiki ( The Webmaster updates site content, including all SIG news, such as current annual meeting information, calls for proposals, officer nominations, or other announcements for the SIG membership. Announcements regarding SIG-DL governance (e.g., officer elections and meetings) are to be kept up to date. This individual also ensures that the SIG-DL information on the ASIS&T website is current. The Webmaster is encouraged to propose new site features to the Executive Committee and to implement such improvements when warranted. The maintenance of site content can be shared with other SIG leaders. Administration of these sites, including passwords, is handed over to the new Webmaster after the ASIS&T Annual Meeting.

Webmaster Responsibilities

Between Meetings:

  • Updates website and creates new pages as requested by the SIG DL Executive Committee
  • Proposes and implements new website features
  • Archives and cleans up website as needed
  • Posts information regarding annual officer elections, including call for nominations and election results

Prior to Annual Meeting:

  • Posts announcements relevant to the Annual Business Meeting, such as location and time of meeting and SIG-DL Dutch Treat Dinner
  • Posts SIG-DL sponsored sessions

Annual Meeting:

  • Outgoing Webmaster provides an update regarding the status of the SIG-DL website and wiki
  • Outgoing Webmaster hands off of account information if a new webmaster comes in}

After Annual Meeting:

  • Post any news from the Annual meeting
  • Update officer information on the ASIS&T website