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ASIST Chapters, SIGs, and Committees Meeting Room

This wiki is to be used by Chapters, Special Interest Groups, and Committees of the American Society for Information Science and Technology to facilitate the operation of their groups.

Wiki FAQ - Read an explanation of the wiki and detailed instructions. Or, if you like to jump right in, try these short instructions:

TO EDIT: Click Log In on the top right. First create an account (anyone can do it - you might want to create one account that all your chapter/SIG members can use). Once you are logged in, click "edit" at the top of any page and the text of that page will appear in a box. Just type the sentences you want to appear and add any codes to customize the look of the text. There is a Sample Code Page where you can view the code for different types of content and display. There are more instructions at the bottom of this page, or contact Caryn Anderson (

Don't forget to check your member rosters, welcome new members, and follow up with dropped members (Member Roster Access Instructions:; Sample Member Relations emails:



Association for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T) Chapters are chartered by the Board of Directors as local vehicles for fostering continuous communication among members in geographically-defined areas. ASIS&T Chapters consist of groups of 15 or more members living or working within 50-mile radii or some other well-defined geographic areas. All ASIS&T members are encouraged to participate in their local Chapters. All ASIS&T members whose mailing addresses are within a Chapter’s geographic boundaries are automatically members of that Chapter. Only ASIS&T members may belong to Chapters. There are 20 regional chapters, but 8 of which are currently inactive.

Changes voted by the Chapter Assembly at the 2012 Annual Meeting

  • Judging criteria for student and regional Chapter-of-the-Year awards will be modified to have 5 points allocated for collaboration with any SIG, chapter or a body within or outside ASIS&T. For the student chapter award, these points would be taken from the 40 points allocated for Chapter Activities.
  • We will create an opt-out (instead of opt-in) to the various lists for leaders. If you are a chapter leader, you are automatically added to the key lists such as the list for all chapters and any other list.
  • From this point forward, all student and regional chapter annual reports will be made public (instead of them being viewed only by the jury), but only after the jury has decided on the award. A chapter submitting a report will have an opt-out option in the submission form if it doesn’t want the report to be made public.

Chapter Award Nominations and Annual Reports

Other regional chapter awards (separate nominations required) - due August 15


Chapters in need of revitalization


Chapters FAQs

  • Who the members of the Chapter Assembly Advisory Committee?

The Chapter Assembly consists of an elected or appointed representative from each Chapter. To assure Chapters of a voice in Society activities, the Chapter Assembly advises the Board of Directors on all matters involving the mutual interests of the Chapters. The Assembly Director, elected by the Assembly as its presiding officer, serves on the ASIS&T Board of Directors. The Chapter Assembly Director is assisted in matters relating to the Chapter Assembly by the Deputy Chapter Assembly Director, the Immediate Past Director, and the Chapter Assembly Advisory Committee.

  • Where is the official Websites for the ASIS&ST Regional Chapters?

The public website for the ASIS&ST Regional Chapters is located at: Make sure your Chapter’s information (Officers name, email, website, etc.) is accurate and up to date on the ASIST Student Chapter page. Otherwise let our webmaster Jan Hatzakos ( know about the changes. There is also an internal wiki page to be used by Chapters (and other Committees of the American Society for Information Science and Technology) to facilitate the operation of their groups:

  • Do we have email list for the ASIS&ST Regional Chapters?

Yes, we have an email list that you can join by going to and signing up. Once joined, you can send a message by emailing to Typical messages on this email list are about conference announcements, job postings, and other opportunities for members.

  • Can my chapter get some funds from the HQ to start project or revitalize a chapter?

Yes. Each Chapter plans its own programs to reflect the needs and interests of its local membership. ASIS&T is committed to providing assistance to help local Chapters to organize activities or special projects that revitalize and engage local members. Among other available resources and services, Chapters can apply for one of the Chapter Development Funds:

  • I’m interested in revitalizing my local chapter that’s been inactive for some time. What do I do?

It varies from chapter to chapter and depends greatly on where the activities (and funds) were left off.

But typically, it involves the following:

1. Get hold of documents (membership list, chapter manual, by-laws) and funds.

2. Get the latest membership info. This could be done by contacting the HQ.

3. Email the members about the chapter being restarted. Ask if anyone would like to join the leadership (chair, program chair if applicable, treasurer, publicist, etc.)

4. Theoretically speaking, the chapter should then hold an election. But in practice, there may be only a handful of people interested in being in a leadership position. So just form a leadership committee using those people.

5. Get the web presence. At least have a blog or a website.

6. Announce these developments to the members.

7. Organize an event that marks the beginning of the chapter activities. Ask the HQ for help (tools, support, funds).

In general, once the chapter has some momentum going, they could ask us for chapter development funds (typically a few hundred dollars).

  • How do I start a new chapter?

Follow the advice from the previous question starting with step-4. Make sure to let us know as you embark on this journey!

  • Do we have the chapter manual? Where?

Yes, you can find the Chapter Officer’s Manual here: We will update the manual, but the purpose of the Chapter Officer’s Manual is essentially to guide and alert new Chapter officers to certain procedures regarding Chapter organization and administration, to suggest possible Chapter activities, and to remind officers of certain deadlines. There are also a number of other useful documentations linked from the Chapter Resources page:

  • Are the regional chapters expected to submit an annual report? What’s the deadline?

Yes, the regional chapters are expected to submit an annual report to the Chapter Assembly, highlighting efforts the chapter made to recruit new members, foster member participation in the chapter, and mechanisms to retain current members and to follow-up with members who did not renew their ASIS&T memberships. The report also contains the meetings, projects and services organized by the chapter and the efforts made by the chapter to communicate with its members. The annual report can be submitted via this web form: If the Chapter Annual Report is submitted by the August 15 deadline, it will also serve as the nomination for the Chapter of the Year award. The Chapter-of-the-Year Award is decided by a jury. An awareness of the annual report and judging criteria can be very helpful in planning chapter’s activities for the year.

SIG Awards, Reports, Resources and Groups

SIG Awards Information

SIG Reporting Information

SIG Resources

  • Officer orientation materials
    • Winter orientation 1/30/14 PPT Recording NOTE: advance recording to 8:17 when the session begins
    • Summer SIG officer orientation 7/29/14 PPT Recording NOTE: enter name and email address to access recording

SIG Cabinet Meeting at last Annual Meeting - 11/2/2014

SIG Groups


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