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This is a place for all the chapters to work together. In addition to the sections below, there are separate pages for:

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Chapter Assembly Meeting - 2007

Annual Report & Award Submission Project

Member Relations

As you may know, the ASIS&T member database is now available online ( Individual members can update their own records and search for colleagues. Instructions for accessing the database can be found here:

Chapter member reports are available online also. If you are a chapter officer, when you log in as an individual, you will see an option on the left menu for “Chapter Roster” for creating reports of current members, new members, and dropped members. If you do not see the option for "Chapter Roster" after logging in, please contact the Vanessa Foss at

Please be sure to check these reports at least quarterly so that you can welcome new members and contact lapsed members and remind them to renew.

Please follow up with lapsed members and encourage them to renew.

Below you will also find sample emails that you can modify to send to new and lapsed members (or come up with your own version).

We all join ASIS&T for different reasons, but the networking with colleagues has always been listed as a top benefit. As a chapter leader, it’s up to you to keep those relationships vital and engaging. The main ASIS&T office sends confirmation of membership, subscriptions, etc., but the person-to-person contact happens at the chapter level.


Subject: ASIS&T membership – missing you!

Hello ASIS&T colleague,

At this time of year, as the ASIS&T annual meeting approaches, we’re thinking about all our ASIS&T colleagues and friends. As the _______ of the _____ chapter of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, I was surprised to learn that you haven’t renewed your ASIS&T membership.

Chances are that you’ve just forgotten, so here’s the link to renew online:

Since you’ve been away, you may have missed the latest from the conferences (Annual Meeting in Austin, Texas and the Information Architecture Summits in Germany and Canada -, and may not have heard of the International Calendar of Information Science Conferences ( listing hundreds of information science related events all over the world.

[_______ or put in activities that your chapter has been sponsoring _____]

You may have also lost track of the cutting edge conversations in information science found in the ASIS&T publications ( and discussion lists (

Please let me know if you have any questions about membership or any thing at all. We look forward to having you back as a member of the information society for the information age – ASIS&T! Renew here:

Hope to hear from you again soon,

Jane Doe Membership Chair, ____ Chapter


Subject: Welcome to the ____ chapter of ASIS&T!

Dear _______,

Welcome to the _______ chapter of the American Society for Information Science & Technology (ASIS&T). You will find that your ASIS&T colleagues in this chapter are an interesting and diverse group. We plan a number of events every year that combine opportunities to increase our knowledge with great networking. Recent events have included: _____, _____, and _____. We have a website (URL) and a discussion list (LISTERV) that help us keep up with each other. We will automatically subscribe you to our chapter list. You will receive a message at this email address with a password to log in to your account and change your settings.

You should have received a confirmation by mail with your membership card and ASIS&T member number. That number gives you access to the ASIS&T digital library and member database ( Go to the member database first to expand your profile. You can also search for colleagues with similar interests. You’ll find instructions for logging in to the digital library here: and the member database here: You can also subscribe to the discussion lists of various special interest groups (SIGs) ( to learn more about those topics.

Be sure to consider attending the ASIS&T Annual Conference or one of the Information Architecture Summits ( or investigating the content of past events. You may also want to explore the International Calendar of Information Science Conferences ( or learn more about the history of information science (

Please let us know if you have any questions and if you’d like to get involved with chapter programs (the best way of networking and getting to know the field).

I hope you find your membership in ASIS&T as valuable as I do!


Jane Doe Membership Chair, ____ Chapter

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