Collaborative Information Seeking and Sharing: An Annual Research Symposium
Saturday, November 7, 2009, 1:30pm-6pm. Hyatt Regency, Vancouver, BC.
(Official Call For Participation)

Thinking of participating? Check out our speakers and position papers below.

2009 Symposium Speakers
2009 Symposium Position Papers
2009 Symposium Schedule of Events
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Discussion Topic Reports

After September 25, 2009: members $105, non-members: $115.
SIG USE members attending both SIG SI (Morning of Saturday, Nov. 7) and SIG USE symposiums will receive a $10 discount.

Accepted position papers are accessible in this wiki prior to the Symposium. Small discussion groups will be organized around symposium questions and themes emerging from position papers. In keeping with the theme of the Symposium, we will also maintain a Twitter stream for the Symposium, thus encouraging people to exchange information and contribute their musings before, during and after the Symposium.

SIG USE Symposium

The American Society for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T) is holding their annual conference in Vancouver, Canada this year November 6-11. ASIS&T 2009's conference theme, “Thriving on Diversity,” provides an important opportunity for our Annual Symposium in celebration of SIG USE’s 10th Anniversary. Building on our people-centered approach, the reflective moment to be offered by this year's Symposium will be used to consider the particular challenges of Collaborative Information Seeking and Sharing. This symposium will offer guided reflection on essential questions around information behavior research and practice in social and collaborative information environments: Where is collaborative information behavior research headed? How are we to communicate our insights to researchers and practitioners in related areas of study and design? How can and should our models, theories and findings inform the design and delivery of collaborative and innovative information products and services?

Check out the entire conference program here.

Tenth Anniversary

This year, SIG USE is celebrating its 10th anniversary, and as part of the celebratory events, we are organizing a research symposium on Collaborative Information Seeking and Sharing. Members of the SIG USE community have expressed a growing interest in taking stock of our increasingly social and collaborative information environments, and assessing the models, theories and findings we are collecting in our field and how they can and should inform the design and delivery of collaborative information products and services. This symposium offers an opportunity for SIG USE, as well as other SIG members, to reflect on essential questions around information behavior research and practice in a collaborative context: What are the fundamental questions that we should be looking at in this line of research? How are we to move towards making greater impacts on organizations and designers?

In an effort to consolidate research that has been undertaken by attendees, the 2009 SIG-USE Symposium will engage in reflection on where collaborative information behavior research is headed. Examining the transformative relationship between people and people, as well as people and information, is at the heart of information behavior research. Taking a people-centered focus to our inquiries, we have amassed understandings about the way people work with information, information systems and the people with whom they interact in the process of information seeking and sharing.

Communicating these insights to researchers and practitioners in related areas of study and design, however, continues to pose a challenge for our community. Thus, the reflective moment to be offered by this year’s Symposium will be used to consider the challenge of communicating the significance of USE research to designers of products, systems and services.

This year’s symposium is also to be used as another opportunity to bring together researchers in two SIGs (SIG USE and SIG SI) to explore potential synergies between the research interests of the two communities. An afternoon session is requested so that the USE symposium can follow a networking lunch run jointly by SIG-USE and SIG-SI (who are running a morning symposium).

The SIG USE 10th Anniversary Reception will follow the Symposium at 6:30pm.

Symposium Organizers:
Nadia Caidi, University of Toronto, Canada. Email:
Guillermo Oyarce, University of North Texas. Email:
Soo Young Rieh, University of Michigan. Email: