Volunteer:  Board of Directors

ASIS&T is governed by a board of directors. Calls for nominations for the board is made in the spring and nominations are made by ASIS&Tís Nominations Committee.

A President-elect and two Directors-at-Large are elected each year.  A Treasurer is elected every three years.  The Immediate Past President is the Chair of the Nominations Committee.  President-elect is a three year commitment, as one moves from President-elect to President to Immediate Past President.  Director-at-Large positions are three year terms and there is a limit of one consecutive term (a Director can become an officer if elected).  The Board works extensively and continuously via e-mail and meets face-to-face three times a year (Annual Meeting/Fall, IA Summit/Spring, and Summer.  There may be intervening conference calls.  Board members bear all their own expenses.

Current ASIS&T Board Roster