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ASIS&T Online Membership Benefits

As you look at the ASIS&T website, you will notice a "sign in" on each page (if you are already logged in, it will display "log out").  Sign in once and you are set; you do not need to re-sign in for each page.  You will have access to the ASIS&T Digital Library, your "Member Profile" information and the membership database, allowing you to search members by expertise, geography, SIG, or Chapter.


Digital Library

Click and you're in the ASIS&T Digital Library (at John Wiley & Sons). The digital library (DL) is where you will find your membership publications online:  Bulletin, JASIST, ARIST, and Annual Meeting proceedings.  For more information, click here.



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When you are signed into the ASIS&T website, you will save time, as your information will prefill the registration form.


Membership Database Access

The membership database is your online directory.  It is fully searchable by name, company, location, SIG, Chapter or expertise.  You have the option of deciding what you want others to be able to search for, by editing your "Just for Web" information.  ASIS&T, SIGs and Chapters will also use this information to plan better programs and services. 


Membership Profile

Keep your work, home, billing and shipping addresses up-to-date.  There are two (2) sections - "Main Contact Address" and "Just for Web".  The "Just for Web-Main" information is part of the online member directory, that other members can search on.  Please be sure to update this information.  This will allow you to decide what information will be provided -- to other ASIS&T members! or

Chapter and SIG Rosters

If you are a chapter or SIG officer, you will want access to your chapter and sig membership to better serve them.  If you log in to the ASIS&T web site and don't see this option, please contact us and we'll give you online access to rosters and updates.