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Current Volume
Volume 65 Issue 11 (November 2014)


Belief dynamics in web search
(pages 2165–2178)
Ryen W. White

“Making my own luck”: Serendipity strategies and how to support them in digital information environments (pages 2179–2194)
Stephann Makri, Ann Blandford, Mel Woods, Sarah Sharples and Deborah Maxwell

Community, tools, and practices in web archiving: The state-of-the-art in relation to social science and humanities research needs (pages 2195–2209)
Meghan Dougherty and Eric T. Meyer

Bridging the virtual and real: The relationship between web content, linkage, and geographical proximity of social movements (pages 2210–2222)
Victor Benjamin, Hsinchun Chen and David Zimbra

Jumping between context and users: A difficulty in tracing information practices (pages 2223–2232)
Edin Tabak

Visual representation of information as communicative practice (pages 2233–2247)
Jaime Snyder

A machine-learning approach to coding book reviews as quality indicators: Toward a theory of megacitation (pages 2248–2260)
Alesia Zuccala, Maarten van Someren and Maurits van Bellen

Teacher Personal information management (PIM) practices: Finding, keeping, and Re-Finding information (pages 2261–2277)
Anne R. Diekema and M. Whitney Olsen

Annotating for the world: Attitudes toward sharing scholarly annotations (pages 2278–2292)
Bradley M. Hemminger and Julia TerMaat

Linking information through function (pages 2293–2305)
Lei Zhang

Antecedents and effects of social network fatigue (pages 2306–2320)
Thara Ravindran, Alton Chua Yeow Kuan and Dion Goh Hoe Lian

Measuring excellence in Russia: Highly cited papers, leading institutions, patterns of national and international collaboration (pages 2321–2330)
Vladimir Pislyakov and Elena Shukshina

Finding knowledge paths among scientific disciplines (pages 2331–2347)
Erjia Yan

In-text author citation analysis: Feasibility, benefits, and limitations (pages 2348–2358)
Dangzhi Zhao and Andreas Strotmann

In search of a network theory of innovations: Relations, positions, and perspectives (pages 2359–2374)
Loet Leydesdorff and Petra Ahrweiler


Withdrawal: ‘A new type of misconduct in the field of the physical sciences: The case of the pseudonyms used by I. Ciufolini to anonymously criticize other people's works on arXiv’ by L. Iorio
(page 2375)
L. Iorio


A Normative Theory of the Information Society – By Alistair S. Duff (pages 2376–2377)
David Bawden

Technologies of Choice: ICTs, Development, and the Capabilities Approach – By Dorothea Kleine (pages 2378–2379)
Anita Say Chan

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