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Current Volume
Volume 65 Issue 9 (September 2014)


Towards a comprehensive model of the cognitive process and mechanisms of individual sensemaking
(pages 1733–1756)
Pengyi Zhang and Dagobert Soergel


Managing the data commons: Controlled sharing of scholarly data (pages 1757–1774)
Kristin R. Eschenfelder and Andrew Johnson

Toward a model of emotions and mood in the online information search process (pages 1775–1793)
Irene Lopatovska

Historians' use of digital archival collections: The web, historical scholarship, and archival research (pages 1794–1809)
Donghee Sinn and Nicholas Soares

The news is American but our memories are … Chinese? (pages 1810–1819)
Thomas Hills and Elad Segev

Content-based citation analysis: The next generation of citation analysis (pages 1820–1833)
Ying Ding, Guo Zhang, Tamy Chambers, Min Song, Xiaolong Wang and Chengxiang Zhai

Acknowledgments in scientific publications: Presence in Spanish science and text patterns across disciplines (pages 1834–1849)
Adrián A. Díaz-Faes and María Bordons

The information journey of marketing professionals: Incorporating work task-driven information seeking, information judgments, information use, and information sharing (pages 1850–1869)
Jia Tina Du

Learning to expand queries using entities (pages 1870–1883)
Wladmir C. Brandão, Rodrygo L. T. Santos, Nivio Ziviani, Edleno S. de Moura and Altigran S. da Silva

Dealing with structural patterns of XML documents (pages 1884–1900)
Angelo Di Iorio, Silvio Peroni, Francesco Poggi and Fabio Vitali

Terminology registries for knowledge organization systems: Functionality, use, and attributes (pages 1901–1916)
Koraljka Golub, Douglas Tudhope, Marcia Lei Zeng and Maja Žumer

The greater scattering phenomenon beyond Bradford's law in patent citation (pages 1917–1928)
Mu-Hsuan Huang, Wei-Tzu Huang, Cheng-Ching Chang, Dar-Zen Chen and Chang-Pin Lin

Are all literature citations equally important? Automatic citation strength estimation and its applications (pages 1929–1938)
Xiaojun Wan and Fang Liu


From P100 to P100': A new citation-rank approach (pages 1939–1943)
Lutz Bornmann and Rüdiger Mutz


Networked: The New Social Operating System – By Lee Rainie and Barry Wellman
(pages 1944–1947)
Richard Ling


Lois Lunin (page 1948)
Donald H. Kraft

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