Information Science Education Committee

In order to provide guidance in the design of educational programs to ASIS&T, academia, and individuals, the Information Science Education Committee shall determine the educational needs of information professionals. Educational needs identified should address the knowledge and skills needed by entry-level and experienced information professionals, for all likely career paths whether public or private, research or applications. Needs should be re-evaluated as changes in the environment merit. The committee shall recommend to the board guidelines for information science education and activities that should be pursued to enact said guidelines. The committee also is responsible for selecting the Information Science Teacher of the year award winner and the Doctoral Dissertation award winner.

ASIS&T Educational Guidelines

Accreditation of Programs for the Education of Information Professionals (white paper)

Education for Information Architecture Project

Chairs:  John Budd
Board Liaison:  June Abbas

  • Kristof Kessler
  • Libby Hemphill
  • Brenda Battleson
  • Xiaohua Zhu