2014 Nominations for ASIS&T Board of Directors

Members, click here to cast your vote!

Members, click here to vote!

2014 Candidates


     President-Elect 2015, President 2016

     Directors-at-Large 2015-2017


Online Voting Instructions

Dear ASIS&T Member,

You are invited and urged to exercise your privilege as a member of ASIS&T to vote for Officers and Directors-at-Large.

Positions for which your vote is sought are (the order was chosen by lot):
     President-elect for the 2015 ASIS&T administrative year (elect one):
     Candidates are Nadia Caidi and Jens-Erik Mai.

     Director-at-Large for 2015-2017 administrative years (elect two):
     Candidates are Chirag Shah, Jamshid Beheshti, Fidelia Ibekwe SanJuan, and Boryung Ju.

At http://www.asis.org/elections/ brief biographical information and candidate statements are available.

According to the ASIS&T bylaws, the candidate(s) having the largest plurality shall be declared elected. If two or more candidates have the same number of votes, the tie shall be broken by lot.

You may submit an electronic ballot to vote for no more than 1 presidential candidate and 2 Director-at-Large candidates. (Voting for more than the specified number for each position will disqualify that portion of your ballot.) If, for any reason, you are unable to vote online, please call (301) 495-0900 or e-mail rhill@asis.org and we will mail ballot materials to you.

You can only vote once, and we must receive your ballot by July 31, 2014

Your  login information (This is NOT your normal username and password) for the 2014 ASIS&T Election:
Username: <member #>
Password : <password>

To vote, the Direct URL is

http://www.asis.org/surveys/public/survey.php?name=2014_Election or click on the vote image below.

Members, click here to vote!

Please take advantage of this opportunity to help shape the future directions of ASIS&T! 

Richard Hill
ASIS&T Executive Director