ASIS&T Career Profile
Name:  Elizabeth McAulay
Job Title:  Librarian for Digital Collection Development, UCLA Digital Library Program
Brief Career Biography: 
My history: Lover of books and reading from an early age. BA in Government at Cornell University. I studied Russian and Spanish, too. I planned to become an ambassador or someone involved in the United Nations. Became disillusioned. Returned to my previous love of literature and got an MA in English literature from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where I supported my reading habit by encoding texts in TEI for the project Documenting the American South. After a brief stint as a writer for a trade publication called "Clinical Laboratory Compliance Alert" (haha!), I returned to the UNC-Chapel Hill digital publishing unit in the University Library. I learned a ton of stuff and then moved into a professional position at UCLA, taking my skills to the next level. I love my job title because it gives me a wide swath of activities and responsibilities. The UCLA Digital Library Program is a small unit in the UCLA Library that builds rare or unique digital content. The goal of our work is to support teaching, learning, and resource by making this special content available on the Web. Currently, I'm the text-encoding advisor for our unit, and a participant or leader on the following projects: the UCLA Encyclopedia of Egyptology, the Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative, and the digital publication of the Canon Law (1582 edition).
Benefits of ASIS&T: 
I'm a member of ASIS&T because a colleague invited me to a chapter meeting and I was really inspired by the people who were involved in the chapter. I realized I could learn a lot from this group and have been benefiting ever since.
Advice for New Information Professionals: 
Knowing and defining what you want can speed you on your career path.