ASIS&T Bylaws Revision

Along with the election of Officers and Directors coming shortly, the membership will be asked to vote on a bylaws amendment described below: 

From Board meeting minutes:
Report from Constitution and Bylaws Committee calls for shortening the current voting window by half, to 30-35 days vs. 60-70 days. Discussion of optimum voting window takes place. 

Motion: Dillon    Second, Mai
     Move that votes put to the membership must be returned 
     within 35 days from the date of sending.
Approved unanimously

Current bylaws say that any action requiring a membership vote will be sent by ballot to the membership with a specified date for return of ballots to be no less than 60 nor more than 70 days from the sending of the ballot. That stipulation was set in 1987 when all ballots were delivered to the membership and returned to the association by land mail. The ASIS&T Board of Directors believes that the 60-70 day window for voting for bylaws amendments and for the election of officers and directors is an anachronism and unnecessarily delays making and implementing changes when needed. Currently only 11 members participate in elections by land mail; they are all domestic members so land mail with a shortened time frame is still adequate.

Current wording, with proposed changes noted:
(strikeout = language to be removed; red and underlined = new language to be inserted)

Ballots. Whenever any action requires a ballot of the membership of the Society, the Executive Director shall prepare the ballots, including instructions for use, and shall notify the Members that they may vote by returning their marked ballots to the Executive Director and that, to be counted, ballots must be received by the Executive Director on or before a specified date. The date so specified shall be no less than 60 nor more than 70 days no less than 30 nor more than 35 days from the mailing of the ballot. The Executive Director shall supervise the tellers in the counting of all ballots, whether cast by mail/e-mail or at an Annual or Special Business Meeting.

[Other related sections will be changed to be in accord with the above language.].

[ASIS-L is the proper place for discussion of this measure.  To subscribe to ASIS-L, go to]