Special Awards

The special award was established in 1954 for the purpose of recognizing a public figure (a government or industry leader) for long-term contributions to the advancement of information science and technology which have resulted in public awareness of the field and its benefits to society.

Past recipients of the Special  Award:

2004 Tim Berners Lee
(In recognition of his unprecedented work in fathering the World Wide Web, and his work in maintaining the Web universal document identifiers, as open source, royalty-free, platform independent, and governed with distributed authority)
1998 Herbert A. Simon
(Contributions to computer science, artificial intelligence, psychology, economics, philosophy, human problem solving, cognitive science and numeral other fields)
1996 Douglas C. Engelbart
(Consistent efforts to augment human intelligence)
1995 Gerard O. Platau
(30 years continuous service to the ASIS Board) 
1993 Vinton Cerf and Robert E. Hahn
(Seminal Contributions to the Internet Communications Network)
1991 Senator Albert Gore, Jr.
(Public Policy Achievement)
1987 Rep. George E. Brown, Jr.
(Public Policy Achievements)
1982 Scott Adams
(Special Recognition Award)
1978 Sen. Hubert H. Humphrey (posthumously)
1976 Marc Porat
(Special Bicentennial Fellowship)
1968 Isaac Asimov
(Distinguished Service Award)
1954 Atherton Seidell