Research in Information Science Award

This award recognizes an individual or organization for outstanding research contributions in the field of information science.

Past recipients of the Research Award:

2013 Susan Herring
2012 Kalervo Jarvelin
2011 Christine Borgman
2010 Susan Leigh Star
2007 Ophir Frieder
2006 Brenda Dervin
2005 Carol Kuhlthau
2004 Boyd Rayward
2003 Peter Ingwersen
2002 Carol Tenopir
2001 Paul Kantor 
2000 W. Bruce Croft
1999 Donald H. Kraft and David C. Blair
1998 Marcia Bates
1997 Nicholas J. Belkin
1996 Gary Marchionini
1995 Charles T. Meadow
1994 Raya Fidel
1993 Howard D. White
1991 Abraham Bookstein
1990 Jose Marie Griffiths and Donald W. King
1984 Fritz Machlup (posthumously)
Derek de Sola Price (posthumously)
Ithiel de Sola Pool (posthumuously)