ProQuest Doctoral Dissertation Award

This ProQuest (formerly UMI, University Microfilms International) sponsored award recognizes outstanding recent doctoral candidates whose research contributes significantly to an understanding of some aspect of information science.  ProQuest contributes $1000 to the winner as well as travel expenses to the ASIS&T Annual Meeting.  Read the award guidelines for more information.

Past recipients of the ProQuest Doctoral Dissertation Award:

2013 Sebastian K. Boell, "Theorizing Information and Information Systems"
2012 Jaime Snyder, "Image-Enabled Discourse: Investgating the Creation of Visual Information as Communicative Practice"
2011 Shelagh K. Genuis, "Making Sense of Evolving Health Information:  Navigating Uncertainty in Everyday Life"
2010 Alberto Pepe, "Structure and Evolution of Scientific Collaboration Networks in Modern Research Collaboratory"
2009 Luanne Freund, "Exploiting Task-Document Relations in Support of Information Retrieval in the Workplace"
2008 Eric Meyer, "Socio-Technical Perspectives on Digital Photography" 
2007 W. John MacMullen, "Contextual Analysis of Variation and Quality in Human-curated Gene Ontology Annotations" 
2006 Vivien Petras 
2005 Weiping Yue 
2004 Lennart Bjorneborn 
2003 Anne Diekema (Syracuse University) 
2002 Pamela Savage Knepshield
2001 Allison Powell 
2000 Daniel Dorner
1999 Jacqueline Algon (Rutgers University)
1998 Tomas A. Lipinski (University of Milwaukee)
1997 Harry Bruce (University of New South Wales)
1996 Howard Rosenbaum (Indiana University)