Best JASIST Paper Award

The Best JASIST Paper Award recognizes the outstanding paper published in the Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology (JASIST), the fully refereed official scholarly publication of ASIS&T.  It has been sponsored by John Wiley and Sons since 1997 who awards a $1,500 cash prize and $500 for travel to the ASIS&T Annual Meeting.  Papers are judged on the significance of the contributions to knowledge; relevance to key issues in information science; validity of results; originality of ideas; methods or applications; and quality of the presentation.

Past recipients of the Best JASIST Paper Award:

2013 Wu, Ling-Ling, Huang, Mu-Hsuan, and Chen, Ching-Yi
Citation patterns of the pre-web and web-prevalent environments: The moderating effects of domain knowledge"
2012 Sukomal Pal, Mandar Mitra and Jaap Kamps
"Evaluation Effort, Reliability, and Reusability in XML Retrieval"
2011 Jim Jansen and Soo-Young Rieh
"The Seventeen Theoretical Constructs of Information Searching and Information Retrieval"
2010 Max L. Wilson, M.C. Schraefel, and Ryen W. White
"Evaluating Advanced Search Interfaces Using Established Information-Seeking Models"
2009 Ofer Bergman, Ruth Beyth-Marom, Rafi Nachmias
"The User-Subjective Approach to Personal Information Management Systems Design: Evidence and Implementations"
2008 Teresa M. Harrison, Theresa Pardo, Ramon Gil-Garcia, Fiona Thompson, Dubravka Juraga
"Geographic Information Technologies, Structuration Theory, and the World Trade Center Crisis"
2007 Catherine Blake and Wanda Pratt, "Collaborative Information Synthesis, Part 1" & "Collaborative Information Synthesis, Part 2: Recommendations for Information Systems to Support Synthesis"
2006 Lisl Zach
"When is Enough? Modeling the Information-Seeking and Stopping Behavior of Senior Arts Administrators"
2005 Soo Young Rieh
"On the Web at Home: Information Seeking and the Web Searching in the Home Environment"
2004 Cecilia Brown
"The Role of Electronic Preprints in Chemical Communication: Analysis of Citation, Usage, and Acceptance in the Journal Literature"
2003 Gary Marchionini
"Co-evolution of User and Organizational Interfaces: A Longitudinal Case Study of WWW Dissemination of National Statistics"
2002 Martin Kaszkiel and Justin Zobel
"Effective Ranking with Arbitrary Passages"
2001 Robert M. Losee
"When Information Retrieval Measures Agree About the Relative Quality of Document Rankings"
2000 Marcia Bates
"The Invisible Substrate of Information Science"
1999 Peiling Wang and Dagobert Soergel
"A Cognitive Model of Document Use During a Research Project"
1999 Paul Solomon
Special Award for a Series (Volume 48), Part I, Part II, Part III
1998 Howard D. White and Katherine W. McCain
"Visualizing a Discipline: An Author Co-Citation Analysis of Information Science"
1997 Stephen P. Harter
"Variations in Relevance Assessments and the Measurement of Retrieval Effectiveness"
1996 Christine Borgman, Andrea Gallagher, Sandra Hirsh, and Virginia Walter
"Children's Searching Behavior on Browsing and Keyword Online Catalogs: The Science Library Catalog Project"
1995 Carol Barry
"User-Defined Relevance Criteria: An Exploratory Study"
1994 Ingrid Hsieh-Yee
"Effects of Search Experience and Subject Knowledge on the Search Tactics of Novice and Experienced Searchers"
1993 Ray R. Larson
"Evaluation of Advanced Retrieval Techniques in an Experimental Online Catalog"
1992 Raya Fidel
"Searchers' Selection of Search Keys"
1991 Gerald Candela and Donna Harman
"Retrieving Records from a Gigabyte of Text on a Minicomputer Using Statistical Ranking"
1990 Gary Marchionini
"Information-Seeking Strategies of Novices Using a Full-Text Encyclopedia"
1989 Tefko Saracevic, Donna Trivison, Alice Chamis, and Paul Kantor
"A Study of Information Seeking and Retrieving"
1988 Susanne M. Humphrey and Nancy E. Miller
"Knowledge-Based Indexing of the Medical Literature: The Indexing Aid Project"
1987 Henry Small
"The Synthesis of Speciality Narratives from Co-Citation Clusters"
1986 Robert Fugman
"The Five-Axiom Theory of Indexing and Information Supply"
1985 Raya Fidel
"Online Searching Styles: A Case-Study Based Model of Searching Behavior"
1983 Richard S. Marcus
"An Experimental Comparison of the Effectiveness of Computers and Humans as Search Intermediaries"
1982 Robert S. Taylor
"Value Added Processes in the Information Life Cycle"
1981 Richard S. Marcus and J. Francis Reintjes
"A Translating Computer Interface for End-User Operation of Heterogeneous Retrieval Systems"
1980 David C. Blair
"Searching Biases in Large Interactive Document Retrieval Systems"
1979 Marcia J. Bates
"Information Search Tactics"
1978 William S. Cooper
"Indexing Documents by Gedanken Experimentation"
1977 Michael F. Lynch
"Variety Generation - A Reinterpretation of Shannon's Mathematical Theory of Communication, and its Implications for Information Science"
1976 Derek de Solla Price
"A General Theory of Bibliometric and Other Cumulative Advantage Processes"
1975 Rowena Weiss Swanson
"Performing Evaluation Studies in Information Science"
1974 Victor Rosenberg
"The Scientific Premises of Information Science"
1973 William S. Cooper
"On Selecting a Measure of Retrieval Effectiveness"
1972 Christine Montgomery
"Linguistics and Information Science"
1971 James E. Rush, R. Salvador, and A. Zamora
"Automatic Abstracting and Indexing.  Production of Indicative Abstracts by Application of Contextual Inference and Syntactic Coherence Criteria"
1970 Gerald Salton
"Automatic Processing of Foreign Language Documents"
1969 F. Wilfrid Lancaster
"MEDLARS: Report on Evaluation of its Operating Efficiency"