Thomson Reuters Citation Analysis Research Grant

The Thomson Reuters Citation Analysis grant supports either research underway that is based on citation analysis by encouraging and assisting individuals in this area of study with a grant of $3,000 from Thomson Reuters.  Citation analysis is broadly defined, including but not limited to analyses using resources developed by Thomsosn ISI.

Past recipients of the Thomson Reuters Citation Analysis Research Grant:

2009 Cassidy Sugimoto, "Measuring Interdisciplinarity: An Exploration of a Novel Metric Applid to ILS Dissertations"
2008 Isola Ajiferuke & Dietmar Wolfram, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, "Citer Analysis as a Measure of Research Impact"
2007 Philip M. Davis, "Does Free Access to Scholarly Articles Increase Readership and Citation Impact?: A Randomized Controlled, Multi-publisher, Multi-journal study"
2006 Steven Ackerman and Jean Phillips
2005 Dimitris A. Dervos, Thomas Kalkanis, and Nikolas Samras (Technology Educational Institute, Thessaloniki, Greece)
2004 David Hubbard
2003 Rong Tang (Catholic University of America)
2002 Chaomei Chen (Drexel University)
2001 John Budd, MaryEllen Sievert, Gabriel M. Peterson and Ku Chuin Su (University of Missouri) 
2000 Michael Kurtz
1999 Ian Rowlands
1998 David Dubin (University of Illinois)