Thomson Reuters Citation Analysis Research Grant

Not an active award; last awarded in 2009.

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Nomination Information

1. Nature of the Award

1.1 The grant shall consist of an award of $3,000 (donated by Thomson Reuters). Additionally, Thomson Reuters shall contribute $500 towards travel or other expenses to the grant recipient, contingent upon the recipient's attending the ASIS&T annual meeting, and $250 to ASIS&T Headquarters towards administrative fees.

2. Purpose of the Award

2.1 The purpose of this grant is to support research based on citation analysis by encouraging and assisting individuals in this area of study with their research. Citation analysis is broadly defined, including but not limited to analysis using resources developed by Thomson Reuters. Because of the limits proposed by timing considerations, the grant may be made for research underway as well as for new research proposed.

3. Eligibility

3.1 Candidates for the Thomson Reuters/ASIS&T Citation Analysis Grant shall be eligible without regard to nationality, membership in the Society, or other limitation.

3.2 The Grant is a once-in-a-lifetime award.

4. Administration

4.1 The Thomson Reuters/ASIS&T Citation Analysis Research Grant is sponsored by the Thomson Reuters and is administered by the Awards and Honors Committee.

5. Proposals

5.1 Proposals are sought globally and may be submitted by anyone.

Proposals should be submitted electronically by June 15.

The ASIS&T jury for this award will review all proposals, assessing technical feasibility only.

5.3 The submission package should include the following:
(a) Name, address, affiliation, and brief biography of applicant(s);
(b) An abstract not to exceed a maximum of 500 words (double- or single-spaced);
(c) Brief statement of the research problem, description of the research design and methodology, including details of how citation data will be used, not to exceed 3,000 words (double- or single-spaced)
(d) Discussion of the expected impact of the research results;

6. Jury Committee

6.1 The Thomson Reuters/ASIS&T Citation Analysis Grant Jury will be composed of a Chair and 4 members. Two ASIS&T members will be appointed to the Jury by the Awards and Honors Committee to serve staggered terms of 2 years each. Two members of the jury will be appointed by Thomson Reuters. The Jury should be composed of individuals who offer a variety of backgrounds to the selection process.

6.2 The Chair of the Jury, the fifth voting member, shall be appointed by the Chair of the Awards and Honors Committee to serve a one-year term. The Jury Chair should have previous experience as a Jury member. The Jury Chair may serve no more than two consecutive terms.

6.3 Members of the Jury appointed by ASIS&T may by reappointed once. Members of the Jury appointed by Thomson Reuters may be reappointed as determined by Thomson Reuters.

7. Selection of the Awardee

7.1 Each member of the Jury shall review and evaluate the submissions Thomson Reuters has deemed feasible on merit with emphasis on the following:
(a) Potential global significance of proposed citation analysis research ("global" is defined as a proposal which offers practical applications for the use of citation data to individuals/organizations worldwide.);
(b) Validity of methodology and proposed methods of analysis;
(c) Originality and creativity;
(d) Clarity and completeness of the proposal;
(e) Presentation of a convincing plan for completion;
(f) Evidence of a continuing interest in scholarship, such as, a previous publication record.

7.2 Each of the proposals shall be scored by the selection criteria

7.3 The scoring will be on a five-point scale, with five being the highest score and one the lowest score. 

7.4 The Jury Chair shall total the rankings and declare the recipient to be that submission with the highest total. There can be only one winning submission per year.

7.5 In the event that no submission can be declared the awardee, the Jury Chair shall announce the result to the Jury and repeat the ranking until one clear winner is agreed upon.

7.6 If all submissions reviewed by the Jury are rejected, the Jury Chair will notify the Chair of the Awards and Honors Committee, who may begin a re-submission process with Thomson Reuters.

7.7 In the absence of qualified submissions or in the event of uncertainty by the Jury, the award shall not be given that year.

7.8 The Jury Chair shall communicate the jury's decision to the ASIS&T President, the Chair of the Awards and Honors Committee, the ASIS&T Executive Director, and Thomson Reuters by 60 days before the start of the ASIS&T Annual Meeting.

7.9 The Jury Chair shall provide a 50-250 word abstract, stating why the award was given. All or parts of this abstract will be used to publicize the award. Material for this abstract can be taken from the voting rationales provided by members of the jury.

7.10 After selection of the awardee is complete, the Jury Chair shall send the grant proposal packets and the results of jury deliberations to the ASIS&T Executive Director

7.11 Thomson Reuters shall notify the winner(s), in advance of the annual meeting.

8. Presentation of the Award

8.1 Upon receipt of the Jury's decision, Thomson Reuters shall inform and congratulate the awardee and make arrangements for the presentation of the award.

8.2 The grant shall be presented to the winner at the annual meeting of the Society by a representative from Thomson Reuters.

9. Publicity

9.1 Publicity is the responsibility of Thomson Reuters and ASIS&T Headquarters, and is to be coordinated.

10. Deadlines

10.1 Appointments to the Jury Committee shall be made in advance of the award year.

10.2 Proposals must be submitted electronically by June 15. All proposals submitted must be acknowledged upon receipt.

10.3 Selection shall be made and the ASIS&T President, the Chair of the Awards and Honors Committee, the ASIS&T Executive Director, and Thomson Reuters shall be notified by 60 days before the start of the annual meeting.

[Approved by Board 12/97 Revised 03/05]