Chapter Member of the Year

Established in 1991 to recognize the service of an individual to a particular chapter.  It is given for significant contributions to the membership of the chapter through participation in and support of its meetings and publications; fundraising; recruitment; or other significant activities.

Past recipients of Chapter Member of the Year:

2011 Sarah Buchanan (Los Angeles)
2010 Susan Fensore (Northern Ohio)
2009 Nicole Hennig (New England)
2008 Rachel Green Clemens (Carolinas)
Christine Quirion (New England)
Bo-Gay Salvador (Los Angeles)
2007 Caryn Anderson (New England) and
Dawn Pointer McCleskey
(Potomac Valley)
2005 Beatrice Pulliam, New England
2004 Nichole McNeely Kallas, Potomac Valley
2003 Louisa Toot Verma, Los Angeles, 
Yin Zhang
, Kent State University
2002 Stephen Spohn, Potomac Valley
2001 Linda McCann, Los Angeles
2000 Patricia Carter, Southern Ohio
1999 Linda Rudell-Betts, Los Angeles
1998 Penelope Jane O'Connor, Northern Ohio, 
Beata Panagopoulos
, New England
1997 Vivian Hay, Los Angeles, 
John Tebo
, Southern Ohio
1996 Kathleen Millington, New Jersey
1995 Elizabeth Wood, Los Angeles
1994 Roberta Horowitz, Los Angeles
1993 Lola M. Roseberry, East Tennessee
1992 Maurica Fedors, New Jersey
1991 Mickie Watterson, Metro New York