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The Award of Merit was established in 1964 and is administered by the Awards and Honors Committee. It is the Society's highest honor.

1. Nature of the Award

 1.1 The award shall consist of a Revere Bowl and a Certificate. The Bowl shall be engraved with the name of the awardee and the date. The Certificate shall bear the above description, the inscription of the awardee's contributions, and the signatures of the President of the Society and the Chair of the Awards and Honors Committee.

2. Purpose of the Award

2.1 The purpose of the award is to recognize that individual deemed to have made noteworthy contributions to the field of information science. Such contributions may include the expression of new ideas, the creation of new devices, the development of better techniques, or substantial research efforts which have led to further development of thought or devices or applications, or outstanding service to the profession of information science, as evidenced by successful efforts in the educational, social, or political processes affecting the profession.

3. Eligibility

3.1 Candidates for the award shall be eligible without regard to nationality, membership in the Society, or other limitation.

3.2 In cases where joint contribution has been made, a joint award may be made.

3.3 The award is a once-in-a-lifetime award.

4. Administration

4.1 The Award of Merit is sponsored by the Society-at-Large and is administered by the Awards and Honors Committee.

4.2 The Chair of the Awards and Honors Committee, in consultation with the ASIS&T President, shall appoint an Award of Merit Jury of five. All appointees are subject to approval by the ASIS&T Board of Directors.

5. Nominations

5.1 The Jury shall solicit and receive nominations from any member of the Society or jointly by any chapter, special interest group, or other official unit of the Society. The Nominations Committee may also make nominations on its own.

5.2 The call for nominations shall appear in the February/March issue of the Bulletin of the Association for Information Science.

5.3 Nominations should be submitted electronically by July 1.

5.4 Each nomination shall be accompanied by substantial documentation which shall include the following:
(a) Name of the award for which the nominee is being considered;
(b) Name, address, and telephone number of nominee;
(c) Name, address, and telephone number of nominator;
(d) Biographical information about the nominee (education, professional history, awards, honors, publications, etc.);
(e) A one-page description of the works for which the nominee is recommended;
(f) A copy of one significant publication or similar work created by the nominee, if that contributes to an understanding of the nominee's work; and
(g) Up to five supporting letters (acceptable but not required).

5.5 It is the responsibility of the Jury to review all nominations and their supporting documentation for completeness, as described in Section 5.4. Only nominations that have fulfilled the required conditions will be considered.

5.6 If two or more nominations are received for a single individual, the Jury shall, after informing the nominators, combine and consider these as a single nomination.

5.7 Nominations are not automatically carried over from one year to the next, but a renomination may be made by reference to a prior nomination and by including updated material.

5.8 At the close of nominations, July 15th , the ASIS&T Executive Director shall send one copy of each nomination to each member of the Jury Committee.

6. Jury Committee

6.1 Four members of the Award of Merit Jury shall be appointed by the Chair of the Awards and Honors Committee to serve staggered terms of two years each. It is highly desirable to have among the members of the Jury individuals who are broadly and historically knowledgeable about the field, e.g., former presidents of the Society and long-standing members of the academic and research community.

6.2 The Chair of the Jury, the fifth voting member, shall be appointed by the Chair of the Awards and Honors Committee to serve a one-year term.

6.3 Jury members cannot be reappointed, except to serve as Chair of the Jury.

6.4 Should a juror be nominated for the Award of Merit, The Jury Chair shall notify the Chair of the Awards and Honors Committee. It shall be the responsibility of the Chair of the Awards and Honors Committee to replace that Juror and appoint a Temporary Juror. This appointment needs to be made expeditiously, and does not need the approval of the Board of Directors. The Temporary Juror shall serve until the conclusion of the ASIS&T annual meeting at which the award is presented.

7. Selection of the Awardee

7.1 Jury members shall take into account the entire record of each nominee's contributions and make their decision based upon the documentation submitted in the nomination package.

7.2 Each member of the Jury shall have one vote.

7.3 Each juror shall vote yes or no on whether any nominee shall be chosen and shall rank the nominees in order, with the first choice ranked 1, the second 2, etc.

7.4 If at least three of the five jurors vote no, that nomination shall be rejected. If less than three jurors vote no then the nominee remains among the selection group and should be ranked with the score of 1+ total number of nominees by those jurors who voted "no". The Jury Chair shall total the rankings and declare the recipient to be that nominee with the lowest total, provided the nominee shall have received two first-place votes.

 7.5 In the event that no nominee can be declared the awardee, the Jury Chair shall announce the result to the Jury and repeat the poll, deleting from the list the nominee who shall have received the highest total score in the preceding poll. The polling procedure shall be repeated until a single awardee is determined.

7.6 If all nominations reviewed by the Jury are rejected a renomination process may begin by reviewing submissions of the previous year.

7.7 In the absence of qualified nominations or in the event of an uncertainty by the Jury, the award shall not be given that year.

7.8 The Jury Chair shall communicate the jury's decision to the ASIS&T President, the Chair of the Membership Committee, and the ASIS&T Executive Director by 60 days before the start of the ASIS&T annual meeting.

7.9 The Jury Chair shall provide a 50-250 word abstract, stating why the award was given. The abstract will be used to publicize the award. Material for this abstract can be taken from the voting rationales provided by members of the jury.

7.10 After selection of the awardee has been completed, the Jury Chair shall send the nomination packets and the results of jury deliberations to the ASIS&T Executive Director who shall retain them for use if a renomination is made the following year.

8. Presentation of the Award

8.1 Upon receipt of the Jury's decision, the President of the Society shall inform and congratulate the awardee and make arrangements for the presentation of the award.

8.2 The ASIS&T Executive Director shall prepare the Bowl and Certificate for the presentation of the award.

8.3 The award shall be announced and presented to the winner by the ASIS&T President, with appropriate ceremony, at the banquet of the annual meeting of the Society.

9. Publicity

9.1 The award shall be publicized through the Bulletin of the Association for Information Science and Technology. In addition, press releases will be sent to the winner's employer and other people/ agencies suggested by the winner. Publicity is the responsibility of ASIS&T Headquarters.

10. Deadlines

10.1 Appointments to the Jury committee shall be made in advance of the award year and no later than the start of the ASIS&T annual meeting.

10.2 Nominations must be submitted to ASIS&T Headquarters no later than July 1. All nominations submitted shall be acknowledged upon receipt.

10.3 Selection shall be made and the ASIS&T President, the Chair of the Awards and Honors Committee, and the ASIS&T Executive Director shall be notified by 60 days before the start of the ASIS&T annual meeting


[Approved by Board: 10/31/91][revised 5/95][revised 11/97]