Award of Merit

The ASIS&T Award of Merit, established in 1964 by the Delaware Valley Chapter, is now the Society's highest honor, bestowed annually to an individual who has made a noteworthy contribution to the field of information science, including the expression of new ideas, the creation of new devices, the development of better techniques and outstanding service to the profession of information science. The Award of Merit is sponsored directory by the Society.

Past recipients of the Award of Merit:

2013 Carol C. Kuhlthau
2012 Michael Buckland
2011 Gary Marchionini
2010 Linda C. Smith
2009 Carol Tenopir
2008 Clifford Lynch
2007 Donald H. Kraft
2006 Blaise Cronin
2005 Marcia Bates
2004 Howard D. White
2003 Nicholas J. Belkin
2002 Karen Sparck Jones
2001 Patrick G. Wilson
2000 Donald R. Swanson
1999 Jose Marie Griffiths
1998 Henry Small
1997 Dagobert Soergel
1996 Jean Tague-Sutcliffe
1995 Tefko Saracevic
1994 Harold Borko
1993 Robert M. Hayes
1992 Robert S. Taylor
1991 Roger K. Summit
1990 P. Atherton Cochrane
1989 Gerard Salton
1988 F. Wilfrid Lancaster
1987 Donald W. King
1986 Bernard M. Fry
1985 Robert L. Chartrand
1984 Joseph Becker and Martha Williams
1983 Dale B. Baker
1982 Andrew A. Aines
1981 Herbert S. White
1980 Claire K. Schultz
1979 Frederick Kilgour
1978 Calvin N. Mooers
1977 Allen Kent
1976 Laurence Heilprin
1975 Eugene Garfield
1974 Manfred Kochen
1973 Jesse H. Shera
1972 Phyllis Richmond
1971 Jerold Orne
1970 Cyril W. Cleverdon
1968 Carlos A. Cuadra
1967 Robert Fairthorne
1966 Mortimer Taube
1965 Charles P. Bourne
1964 Hans Peter Luhn