ASIS&T New Leaders Award Guidelines


To recruit, engage, and retain new members and to identify potential for new leadership in the Association.

Only members in their first three years of membership are eligible to apply (student or regular).

The application is due no later than May 15th.

Award amount
If selected, you will receive:

  1. Up to $1000 in travel expense reimbursement to defray the cost of attending the Annual Meetings.  This must be split over two consecutive Annual Meetings, with the reimbursement cost of a single meeting not to exceed $700. 
  2. Free conference registration for these two years (excluding seminars, workshops and other special events, although these can be reimbursed from the travel expenses provided).


ASIS&T New Leaders Award Application

  1. Each applicant must submit a statement (no more than 500 words) detailing:

    a. Why you would like to attend the ASIS&T Annual Meeting

    b. What benefits you would derive

    c. Your previous involvement in ASIS&T (if any)

    d. Your plans for future involvement in ASIS&T

  2. Along with your application, applicants must select the regional or student chapter to which they feel most connected (if applicable), a SIG (or multiple) and/or ASIS&T committee (such as Membership) in which they would like to be involved. Applicants are asked to select no more than 3 in each category (across chapters, SIGS, and committees) and to present these on their application in rank order. The rank order indicates the Chapter, SIG, or Committee in which the applicant would most like to become involved. If the applicant is already heavily involved in one of these units, it is suggested that they choose a new unit with which they have less familiarity.
  3. The selection committee will check all potential awardees to ensure that the applicant is a current member of ASIS&T.
  4. The application should be submitted online by May 15th and a current CV/resume of the applicant should be uploaded as well. 


  1. The applications will be reviewed by the selection committee, comprised of members from Chapter Assembly, SIG Cabinet and the ASIS&T Board. At least four members will comprise this committee.
  2. The selection committee will make selections based on the potential of the applicant to contribute to the Society. In addition, an effort will be made to distribute applicants across multiple SIGs, Chapters, and Committees.
  3. No more than 8 awards will be made.
  4. Applicants will be notified by June 15th.

Mentor and Applicant Responsibilities

  1. A mentor will be selected for each awardee, based on the unit to which the awardee is assigned. 
  2. The mentor will be responsible for getting in contact with the participant prior to or during the first Annual Meeting to make sure they are aware of the time and locations of the SIG/Chapter/Committee meeting that was assigned to that participant. The awardee will be required to attend this meeting and to commit to at least one task for this SIG/Chapter/Committee.
  3. The awardee will be required to send a short note to the selection committee following the first Annual Meeting detailing their goal for the upcoming year.
  4. The awardee will be required to send a note to the selection committee following the second Annual Meeting detailing how they achieved their goal.