ASIS&T Lecture Series Award Winner 2011

Dr. Gloria Leckie, to deliver 2nd ASIS&T Annual Lecture from Charles Sturt University

From Facebook to Twitter and Into the Cloud: Where is Library and Information Science in our Googleized World?

Dr. Gloria Leckie, Professor Emeritus
Faculty of Information and Media Studies
University of Western Ontario, London, Canada

21 March 2012 (5pm) – National Library of Australia, Canberra
Refreshments will be served at a reception, following the lecture

What is the meaning of a Googleized world for today's libraries and information centres, and related education and research? This talk explores the three faces of library and information science: as an academic discipline, as an educational space for the modern librarian, and as a profession that cares about the role of information in society. Each aspect is examined through specific topics, including the changing role and worth of the library, the need to be proactive with technology (e.g., digital preservation projects), how we can (and should) interact with other academic disciplines, and the challenges faced by educational institutions in preparing the librarians of the future.

Dr. Gloria Leckie is Professor Emeritus in the Faculty of Information and Media Studies at the University of Western Ontario (UWO) in London, Canada. Dr. Leckie holds a Master of Library of Information Science, as well as a Master of Arts and a PhD in Geography. She first took up an academic position at UWO in 1991, and after achieving tenure, became Undergraduate Chair, then Associate Dean for almost 10 years. During her professional career, Dr. Leckie worked in a number of different positions as a research librarian in the Canadian government and also was the Coordinator for the Cataloguing in Publication Program for Eastern Canada. In her current role as Professor Emeritus Dr. Leckie continues to work with her doctoral students and gives lectures and workshops. She has also taken on a Faculty Associate position in UWO’s Teaching Support Centre, where her mandate is to examine North American trends in the development and characteristics of professional master's programs across a wide variety of disciplines; she also advises Faculties and Departments at Western who wish to develop such programs.