2014 Award Winners

The coveted and prestigious ASIS&T awards represent the greatest recognition and respect professionals may afford their colleagues.  Selections of awards recipients were made after thoughtful and thorough consideration by appropriate committees or official bodies of the Association.  These awards are presented at the Annual Awards Luncheon held at the ASIS&T Annual Meeting.

Congratulations to all the winners! 

National Awards
Award of Merit Marjorie M.K. Hlava
Best Information Science Books Going Viral
by Karine Nahon & Jeff Hemsley

The Discipline of Organizing
by Robert J. Glushko
John Wiley Best JASIST Paper Suzan Verberne, Maarten van der Heijden, Max Hinne, Maya Sappelli, Saskia Koldijk, Eduard Hoenkamp and Wessel Kraaij
Reliability and Validity of Query Intent Assessments (volume 64, issue 11) 
Pratt Severn Curt Arledge
Filled-in vs. Outline Icons: The Impact of Icon
ProQuest Doctoral Dissertation Amelia Acker
Born Networked Records: A History of the Short Message Service Format, University of California, Los Angeles, 2014
Research in Information Science Diane Kelly
Research in human-centered information retrieval
Thomson Reuters Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Scholarship Tiffany Chao
Methods Metadata: Curating Scientific Research Data for Reuse
Thomson Reuters Outstanding Teacher Michelle Kazmer, Florida State University
Watson Davis Vicki Gregory, Suffolk University
New Leaders Award Agnes Mainka, Maric Kramer, Anne Pepitone, Jeremy L. McLaughlin, Karen Miller, Emily Vardell, Devon Greyson, and Stephann Makri

Chapter Awards
Chapter of the Year New England Chapter
Student Chapter of the Year Simmons College
Student Chapter Membership 1st Place Catholic University
Student Chapter Membership 2nd Place Indiana University
Student Chapter Membership 3rd Place University of Texas, Austin

Special Interest Group (SIG) Awards
SIG of the Year Digital Libraries (DL)
SIG Member of the Year Abebe Rorissa (SIG III)
SIG Publication of the Year Social Informatics: Past, Present and Future (Fichman & Rosenbaum)

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