2011 Award Winners

The coveted and prestigious ASIS&T awards represent the greatest recognition and respect professionals may afford their colleagues.  Selections of awards recipients were made after thoughtful and thorough consideration by appropriate committees or official bodies of the Society.  These awards are presented at the Annual Awards Luncheon held at the ASIS&T Annual Meeting.

Congratulations to all the winners!

National Awards
Award of Merit Gary Marchionini
Best Information Science Books Atlas of Science, by Katy Börner
John Wiley Best JASIST Paper Jim Jansen and Soo-Young Rieh, "The Seventeen Theoretical Constructs of Information Searching and Information Retrieval"
Pratt Severn Brooks Breece, "Local Government Use of Web GIS in North Carolina"
ProQuest Doctoral Dissertation Shelagh K. Genuis, "Making Sense of Evolving Health Information:  Navigating Uncertainty in Everyday Life"
Research in Information Science Christine Borgman
Thomson Reuters Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Scholarship Amber Cushing, "Possession and Self Extension in Digital Environments:  Implications for Maintaining Personal Information"
Thomson Reuters Outstanding Teacher Howard Rosenbaum, Indiana University
Watson Davis Robert Williams
History Fund Research Grant Award Trudi Bellardo Hahn and Diane Barlow, "The Fortuitous Confluence of Helen Brownson, the National Science Foundation, and Information Science"
New Leaders Award Caroline Whippey, University of Western Ontario
Vivienne Houghton, University of Denver
Eugenia Kim, Purdue University
Julia Martin
Chrysta Meadowbrooke, University of Michigan
Chaoqun Ni, Indiana University
Jacob Ratliff
William Senn, University of North Texas

Chapter Awards
Chapter of the Year New England
Chapter Events of the Year Potomac Valley, "An Evening with National Public Radio"
Europe, "ASIS&T European Workshop 2011"
Chapter Innovation New England, "All Things e-Readers"
Chapter Member of the Year Sarah Buchanan (Los Angeles)
Student Chapter of the Year Simmons College

Special Interest Group (SIG) Awards
SIG of the Year Digital Libraries
SIG Member of the Year Diane Neal, SIG CR
SIG Publication of the Year SIG III Newsletter